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Avril Lavigne Tour Dates

Avril Ramona Lavigne (pronunciation: /?ævr?l l??vi?n/; av-ril l?-veen; born 27 September 1984) is a Canadian singer-songwriter. She was born in Belleville, Ontario, but spent most of her youth in the small town of Napanee. By the age of 15, she had appeared on stage with Shania Twain; by 16, she ha

Avenged Sevenfold Tour Dates

Avenged Sevenfold are an American rock band from Huntington Beach, California, formed in 1999. The band's members are lead vocalist M. Shadows, rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist Zacky Vengeance, lead guitarist and backing vocalist Synyster Gates, bass guitarist Johnny Christ, and drummer and per

Aventura Tour Dates

Aventura was a bachata music group from New York, United States. Aventura was formed in 1994 by Anthony "Romeo" Santos, Henry Santos, Lenny Santos, and Max Santos, three of whom are natives of The Bronx and one born in the Dominican Republic. Aventura made their big break in 1999, with the hopes of

Avengers Tour Dates

The Avengers are an American punk rock band formed in 1977 in San Francisco, California. Their lead singer, Penelope Houston, is also a folk singer. Their song "The American in Me," was described as "one of the best-ever indictments of blind patriotism" by Peter Margasak in an article for The Chicag

Avicii Tour Dates

Tim Bergling, known professionally as Avicii, is a Swedish DJ, remixer, and record producer. Avicii ranked No. 6 on the Top 100 DJs list by DJ Magazine in 2011, and ranked higher in 2012, coming at No. 3 on the Top 100 DJs list by the publication.

Aviões do Forró Tour Dates

Aviões do Forró é uma banda brasileira de forró eletrônico do Brasil formada em Fortaleza no dia 6 de agosto de 2002 por Zeca Aristides, André Camurça, Antônio Isaías e Carlos Aristides, criadores da produtora A3 Entretenimento. A banda é formada por 2 cantores, Solange Almeida e José Ale

Avant Tour Dates

Myron Avant (born April 26, 1978 in Cleveland, Ohio), better known as Avant is an American R singer-songwriter. He is best known for hits such as "Separated" (the remix to which features Kelly Rowland), "My First Love," which one version features KeKe Wyatt, and "Read Your Mind" (remix featuring Sno

Avantasia Tour Dates

Avantasia is a German heavy metal/hard rock supergroup project created by Tobias Sammet, vocalist of the band Edguy. Avantasia is often referred to as a rock opera, as it features the participation of many renowned vocalists and musicians. The project's title is a portmanteau of the words "avalon" a

Avalanch Tour Dates

Avalanch is a Spanish heavy/ progressive metal band formed in Asturias in 1993. Led by composer, producer and guitar player Alberto Rionda, the band has released 5 studio albums, plus a handful of compilations, DVDs and English versions of their works.

Avial Tour Dates

Avial is an Indian alternative rock band which formed in Trivandrum, Kerala, India in 2003. The band is named after the popular South Indian dish Avial. The band consists of Tony John, Rex Vijayan, Mithun Puthanveetil, and Binny Isaac. The band's music is a fusion of native folk music from Kerala an


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Avishai Cohen Tour Dates

Avishai Cohen is an Israeli jazz bassist, composer, singer and arranger.

Aventura Dance Cruise Tour Dates

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Avalanche City Tour Dates

Avalanche City are a New Zealand folk music band from Auckland. The group was originally a solo project of Dave Baxter; however, after he released his first album Our New Life Above The Ground he assembled a group of musicians, namely Ben Duncan on drums; Johnny Brock on bass; Ben Tolich on keyboard

Aviv Geffen Tour Dates

אביב גפן (נולד ב-10 במאי 1973) הוא זמר-יוצר, מוזיקאי, מלחין, פזמונאי ומפיק מוזיקלי ישראלי. גפן הוא שותפו של סטיבן וילסון לצמד "בלאקפילד". גפן ידוע בתור הזמר שסחף את הנוער הי

Ava Gardner Tour Dates

Ava Lavinia Gardner was an American actress. She was signed to a contract by MGM Studios in 1941 and appeared mainly in small roles until she drew attention with her performance in The Killers. She became one of Hollywood's leading actresses, considered one of the most beautiful women of her day. Sh

Avi Buffalo Tour Dates

Avi Buffalo is an alternative band based in Long Beach, California founded by singer-songwriter and guitarist, Avi Zahner-Isenberg. Their self-titled debut album was released on April 27, 2010, and was given positive reviews by The A.V. Club, NME, Filter, Drowned in Sound and numerous other music re

Avenu Lounge Tour Dates

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Avantgarden3 Brasov Tour Dates | Viitorul îl construim împreun?! Cartier reziden?ial dezvoltat de MAURER Imobiliare.

Avalon Tour Dates

Avalon is an American contemporary Christian vocal quartet. The group has earned multiple RIAA-certified gold records, sold four million albums, and released 22 number one Christian hits.

Avery Brooks Tour Dates

Avery Franklin Brooks is an American actor. Brooks is perhaps best known for his television roles as Benjamin Sisko on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as Hawk on Spenser: For Hire and its spinoff A Man Called Hawk, and as Dr. Robert Sweeney in the Academy Award-nominated film American History X.

Avery storm Tour Dates

Ralph di Stasio, better known by his stage name Avery Storm, is an American singer. Di Stasio was born to a working-class Italian-American family in New Jersey. He moved to New York City after he graduated from high school. He signed to Timbaland's record label Beat Club in 2001 as Avery Storm after


MUSICA CHE SA DI MUFFA, SUDORE E LUCI AL NEON Serate di musica (im)popolare organizzate dall'Associazione F.E.A. per sostenere il Premio Buscaglione.

Avec pas d'casque Tour Dates

Avec pas d'casque is a folk band from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, composed of members Stéphane Lafleur, Joël Vaudreuil, Nicolas Moussette, and Mathieu Charbonneau. The band's French name literally means "with no helmet" and derives from an expression referring to hockey players who don't wear helmet

Avraam Russo Tour Dates

Avraam Russo is a Syrian-born Russian pop singer of Armenian origin. In 2006 he suffered an assassination attempt in Russia and was heavily injured. He recovered and is living in New York City. Russo is an international artist who has recorded songs in a number of languages. He shot to fame with "Da

Avey Tare Tour Dates

Avey Tare is an experimental musician and founding member of Animal Collective currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

Avenue Clubdiscothek Tour Dates

AVENUE CLUB BREMEN - The finest in Black Music!

Avicenna-Studienwerk Tour Dates

Das Avicenna-Studienwerk ist das vom Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) anerkannte muslimische Begabtenförderungswerk in Deutschland.

Ava Inferi Tour Dates

Ava Inferi was a musical group created in Almada, Portugal, by guitarist and songwriter Rune Eriksen. The debut album, Burdens, was released in January 2006. In spring 2007, vocalist Carmen Simões laid vocals on the re-recording of Under Satanæ from Moonspell. In October 2007, Ava Inferi released

Aveda Institute Washington DC Tour Dates

The Aveda Institute Washington DC is a Cosmetology & Esthiology school that offers services at a discounted rate, all services are performed by supervised students.

Aveda Institute New Orleans Tour Dates

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Avatar Events Tour Dates

NEXT Avatar Event 2015.Nov 6 : Ambient Avatar presents : SYNC24 (SWE) -LIVE 2015.Nov 7 : Avatar presents : CAPTAIN HOOK (ISR) - LIVE

Aveda Institute Denver Tour Dates

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Aveda Institute Austin Tour Dates

Aveda Institute Austin

Avion Blackman Tour Dates

Avion Claudette Trudy Henrietta Blackman is a reggae recording artist, and the wife of Christafari front-man Mark Mohr. She has produced three solo albums as well as providing vocals and bass guitar for Christafari since 2003.

Ava Leigh Tour Dates

Hayley Carline, better known as Ava Leigh, is a British reggae singer from Chester, England.

Avskum Tour Dates

Avskum is a Swedish D-beat punk band from Kristinehamn, Sweden. Playing classic Swedish hardcore influenced by Discharge, Avskum started in the early 1980s, only to temporarily disband until the mid-1990s where they returned more productive than ever. All original members except the original guitari

AVV Arrebato Tour Dates

Actividad política, social y cultural en el barrio de La Madalena (Zaragoza).

Avvy Tour Dates

Avvy is a songwriter and performer contributing to the art of Bahamian folk music, and also Junkanoo and Rake-and-scrape. He received accolades for reviving native Bahamian music with innovative storytelling, upbeat rhythms and energetic performances.

Avraham Fried Tour Dates

Avraham Shabsi Hakohen Friedman better known by his stage name, Avraham Fried, is a popular musical entertainer in the Orthodox Jewish community.

Avenue 5 Tour Dates

Street Smart with Herb Appeal. Downtown Naples hottest restaurant situated on the iconic Fifth Avenue in the boutique hotel, Inn on Fifth.

Aviad Cohen Tour Dates

Aviad Cohen is an American singer and songwriter. He converted from Conservative Judaism to Christianity in 2004. Before his conversion, he performed under the moniker "50 Shekel".

Avrigus Tour Dates

Avrigus is an Atmospheric Gothic Metal band from Sydney, Australia consisting of two members, Simon Gruer and Megan Robins. The group has released two EPs and one full-length album to date.

Averse Sefira Tour Dates

Averse Sefira was a black metal band from Austin, Texas.

Avet Terterian Tour Dates

Avet Terterian was an Armenian composer, awarded the Konrad Adenauer Prize. He was a friend and colleague of Giya Kancheli, Konstantin Orbelyan, and Tigran Mansuryan. Dmitri Shostakovich praised Terterian as "very talented" and "with great future" in one of his letters, published by his friend Isaak

Avenger of Blood Tour Dates

Avenger of Blood is an American Death/Thrash band based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. The band began their career in 2002 and have since released several demos and two full-length albums.

avengers in sci-fi Tour Dates

Avengers in Sci-Fi is a Japanese rock band, signed to Victor Entertainment. Their multi-genre sound has been described as such things as "a spaceship of rock" and "spacey dance rock."

AVY ROSE Tour Dates

#Club #Lounge

Avant-Garde Bar Tour Dates

The official page of Avant-Garde Bar. Helping people experience ideas, music and cultures.

Avi & Celia Tour Dates

Avi & Celia are an Americana duo from Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Ava Pine Tour Dates

Ava Pine is a musical artist.

Avoid One Thing Tour Dates

Avoid One Thing was started as a side project by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones' bassist Joe Gittleman. The Boston-based group's first album, titled Avoid One Thing, was released in 2002 on Side One Dummy Records. The album was written and recorded almost solely by Gittleman. Gittleman assembled a band

Avihu Medina Tour Dates

Avihu Medina is an Israeli composer, arranger, songwriter, and singer of Mediterranean Israeli music.

Aviator Bar&Lounge Tour Dates

Klub najwy?szych lotów! Top-flight club! 10 pi?tro Airport Hotel Ok?cie 10th floor Airport Hotel Ok?cie