Barcelona Rock Bands

Pereza Tour Dates

Pereza is a Spanish pop rock group from Alameda de Osuna comprising Rubén Pozo Prats and José Miguel Conejo Torres artistically known as Rubén and Leiva. They have recorded six albums Pereza, Algo para cantar, Animales, Los amigos de los animales, Aproximaciones released in the summer of 2007, Av

che sudaka Tour Dates

Che Sudaka is a six-piece band, composed of South Americans resident in Barcelona.

The Pinker Tones Tour Dates

The Pinker Tones are an alternative pop band from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain. They have released 6 albums to date, and have been included on many more. The Whistling Song is featured in all versions of EA Sports' FIFA 2009.

I'm From Barcelona Tour Dates

I'm from Barcelona is a pop group from Jönköping, Sweden, best known for its 29 band members and eclectic mix of instruments such as clarinets, saxophones, flutes, trumpets, banjos, accordions, kazoos, guitars, drums, and keyboards among others. While most band members provide backing vocals on re

12Twelve Tour Dates

12Twelve is a post-rock band from Barcelona formed by Jaume L. Pantaleón, Javier García, José Roselló and Jens Neumaier.

Billie The Vision & The Dancers Tour Dates

Billie the Vision & the Dancers is a Swedish indie band with roots in Malmö, Blekinge, Dalarna and Argentina. The band recorded the first album I Was So Unpopular in School and Now They're Giving Me This Beautiful Bicycle in the spring of 2004. They produce their albums through the company Love wil

Jeremías Tour Dates

Carlos Eduardo López Avila, better known under his stage name Jeremías, is a British-Venezuelan singer-songwriter who was born in London, England on September 19, 1973, of Venezuelan parents. He moved to Venezuela at the age of 2, although he still maintains a British passport. Encouraged musicall

Plastiscines Tour Dates

The Plastiscines are an all-female French rock band who perform mostly in English. Their song "Barcelona" was featured on the NYLON Summer Playlist.

Pedro Caparros López Tour Dates

Pedro Caparros López is a Catalan electrical and Flamenco guitarist from Barcelona. He is the one of two guitarists in the Gibraltarian Flamenco Metal band, Breed 77. Caparros joined the band in 2002, between the releases of their self titled and Cultura albums, further influencing the bounds sound

a friend of mine Tour Dates

A Friend of Mine is a 2006 German drama comedy feature film written and directed by Sebastian Schipper who is a performer as well as a director and screen writer. The casting was held in Hamburg and filmed in Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Barcelona. The film tells the story of Karl, an insurance