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Bliss n Eso are an ARIA Award-winning Australian hip hop band based in Sydney, and were originally known as Bliss N' Esoterikizm for their debut EP The Arrival. Bliss N Eso are currently signed to Melbourne record label Illusive Sounds, and are managed and booked by label co-founders Adam Jankie and Matt Gudinski.

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Running on Air (2010)

  • Flying Through the City
  • Down by the River
  • Late on Night
  • Coastal Kids
  • Smoke Like a Fire
  • Reflections
  • Re-debating Reality
  • Art House Audio
  • Golden Years
  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • Caught at the Pub
  • I Can
  • The Moses Twist
  • Weightless Wings
  • People Up on It
  • The Children of the Night
  • Family Affair
  • Addicted
  • Never Land


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