Bloomington Rock Bands

Johnny Socko Tour Dates

Johnny Socko was an American third wave ska band formed in Bloomington, Indiana in 1990. The band used to be on Asian Man Records, but have since started their own record label, Triple R Records. They were known as a band that toured heavily, having performed over 2,000 shows since their inception,

Ativin Tour Dates

Ativin is an experimental post-rock band from Bloomington, Indiana. Chris Carothers and Dan Burton of Early Day Miners make up their core, with a revolving door of drummers.

Ghost Mice Tour Dates

Ghost Mice is a two-piece folk-punk band from Bloomington, Indiana. Both members, Chris Johnston and Hannah Jones, have been in a handful of pop-punk bands together: namely Disarm, The Devil is Electric and Operation: Cliff Clavin. They decided to "turn to the folk side" in the hopes that they could

Early Day Miners Tour Dates

Early Day Miners are a band from southern Indiana, United States who released records on the Bloomington, Indiana based label Secretly Canadian. In September 2009 the band had released seven full-length records.

Racebannon Tour Dates

Racebannon is an American noise punk band from Bloomington, Indiana.

Defiance, Ohio Tour Dates

Defiance, Ohio is an acoustic punk rock band from Bloomington, IN. They are known for their extensive touring and intense, enthusiastic live shows. They are named after the real town Defiance, Ohio. The band features a violin, cello, and double bass. The band is also known for being involved with fe

The Impossible Shapes Tour Dates

The Impossible Shapes are an independent rock band from Bloomington, Indiana. Since forming in 1998, the band has released eight albums in North America and Europe, sharing the stage with acts such as Wilco, Guided By Voices, Interpol, Danielson Famile, and Jens Lekman, among others, while garnering

Backyard Tire Fire Tour Dates

Backyard Tire Fire is an American trio that formed in Asheville, NC in 2001. The band began in the fall of that year with founding members Ed Anderson and Tim Kramp. After encountering several line-up changes, the Tire Fire moved from Asheville to Athens, Georgia in 2002. They released their first a

Muzaic Tour Dates

Muzaic is a five piece funk, rock, reggae band from Bloomington, IN, home of Indiana University and a rich music scene. The current line-up has been together since April 2004. Ed and Mike met as roommates in the dorms at Indiana University and soon started a band. Brett and Henry met in high school

Antenna Tour Dates

Antenna was an American indie rock band active from 1991 to 1994. The group was put together in Bloomington, Indiana by John Strohm and Freda Love, who had previously played together in the group Blake Babies. After adding local musicians Jacob Smith and Vess Ruhtenberg to the lineup, they began rec