Phantogram in Chicago

Where: 4746 North Racine Avenue, Chicago

Venue: Riviera Theatre - IL


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Phantograms, also known as Phantaglyphs, Op-Ups, free-standing anaglyphs, levitated images, and book anaglyphs, are a form of optical illusion. Phantograms use perspectival anamorphosis to produce a 2D image that is distorted in a particular way so as to appear, to a viewer at a particular vantage point, three dimensional, standing above or recessed into a flat surface. The illusion of depth and perspective is heightened by stereoscopy techniques; a combination of two images, most typically but not necessarily an anaglyph (color filtered stereo image). With common (red-cyan) 3D glasses, the viewers vision is segregated so that each eye sees a different image.

Phantogram in Chicago Concert Tickets