Chicago Country Bands

Devil in a Woodpile Tour Dates

Devil in a Woodpile is a band from Chicago, Illinois. Although they routinely give a fresh sound to 80-year old songs, their repertoire and instrumentation categorizes them as a country blues or jug band.

Sally Timms Tour Dates

Sally Timms is an English singer and songwriter. Timms is best known for her long involvement with The Mekons whom she joined in 1985. She recorded her first solo album, Hangahar, at the age of 19 with Pete Shelley of the Buzzcocks in 1980. Prior to joining The Mekons she was in a band called the Sh

The pine valley cosmonauts Tour Dates

Pine Valley Cosmonauts are a musical ensemble from Chicago, Illinois.

Freakwater Tour Dates

Freakwater is an American alternative country band from Louisville, with one co-founding member living in Chicago.

The Handsome Family Tour Dates

The Handsome Family is an alternative country and americana band, formed in Chicago, Illinois, and currently based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Pinetop Seven Tour Dates

Pinetop Seven is an American band from Chicago, Illinois. The group initially revolved around three core members, supplemented by instruments such as double bass, accordion, slide guitar, banjo, and mandolin; more recent recordings have a more fluid lineup and increasingly orchestral textures. The g

Steve Goodman Tour Dates

Steve Goodman was an American folk music singer-songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. The writer of "City of New Orleans", made popular by Arlo Guthrie and Willie Nelson, Goodman won two Grammy Awards.

Fruit Bats Tour Dates

Fruit Bats is an American rock band formed in 1997 in Chicago, Illinois. Noted as an early entrant into the folk-rock boom of the early 2000s, the group has had many personnel changes but revolves around singer/songwriter Eric D. Johnson.

Mason Proffit Tour Dates

Mason Proffit was a folk rock band from Chicago, Illinois that released five albums between 1969 and 1973.

Cass McCombs Tour Dates

Cass McCombs is an American songwriter and performer. McCombs was born in Concord, California in 1977. He has led a nomadic existence for most of his adult life, moving from one city to the next, living in cars, on couches and at campsites. McCombs spent time developing his songwriting abilities in