Denver Rock Bands

Dave Dederer Tour Dates

Dave Dederer is a guitarist and singer best known as a former member of The Presidents of the United States of America,. An alumnus of Seattle, Washington's The Bush School and Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island, he founded The Presidents with fellow Bush School alumnus Christopher Ballew.

The Minders Tour Dates

The Minders is a band closely associated with The Elephant Six Collective. Started by Martyn Leaper in Denver, Colorado in 1996, the band's original members included Leaper on guitars and vocals, Rebecca Cole on drums, Jeff Almond on guitar, and Marc Willhite on bass. Leaper formed the Minders in De

Dressy Bessy Tour Dates

Dressy Bessy is an indie rock band from Denver, Colorado, associated with the Elephant Six Collective. Guitarist John Hill also plays with The Apples in Stereo. Lead vocalist/guitarist Tammy Ealom formed the band with drummer Darren Albert and guitarist turned bassist Rob Greene in 1996. The name wa

Brave Saint Saturn Tour Dates

Brave Saint Saturn is a Christian rock band formed in Denver, Colorado in 1999. The band is a side-project of former members of Five Iron Frenzy started by Reese Roper. The band calls their music style "astro-rock," although Reese has stated that this "doesn't mean anything." The trilogy of albums a

The Czars Tour Dates

The Czars was an alternative rock band, formed in 1994 in Denver by John Grant and Chris Pearson. They released six studio albums, one EP, and three singles in the duration of their career. After the release of Goodbye in 2004, five of the six members of The Czars left the band over the span of nine

Shaded Red Tour Dates

Shaded Red was a Christian alternative rock band from Denver, Colorado, in the United States. It was formed in 1993 by brothers Jamie Roberts and Jonathan Roberts. In 1997 they released their debut self-titled album through Cadence. They quickly became popular and began touring with groups like Thir

Lost and Found Tour Dates

Lost and Found is a Christian band formed in Niagara Falls, New York in 1986. The duo consists of two members: Michael Bridges and George Baum. They have released eleven major studio albums through Limb Records, their independent record label. All of their songs are registered with CCLI enabling any

Wovenhand Tour Dates

Wovenhand is an alternative country band from Denver, Colorado led by former 16 Horsepower lead singer David Eugene Edwards. Woven Hand's music combines elements of neofolk, alternative country, post-rock, punk, industrial music, folk rock, old-time music and native American music, among other influ

Thinking Plague Tour Dates

Thinking Plague is a United States avant-rock group founded in 1982 by guitarist/composer, Mike Johnson, and bass guitarist/drummer, Bob Drake. Based in Denver, Colorado, the band has been active off and on since 1982, taking on a number of musicians over the years. They have made six studio albums

The Gamits Tour Dates

The Gamits are a band from Denver, Colorado who formed in 1996, and were hailed as "America's best hidden pop/punk secret". The band was disbanded in 2005 due to the members wishing to participate in and start other projects, but regrouped in late 2009. The current line-up is Chris Fogal on guitar a