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Emperor X is a pop/noise/folk music project headed by American musician Chad R. Matheny. The project often performs and records with little more than Matheny on an acoustic guitar and a dynamic microphone, but sometimes also employs large groups of musicians on percussion instruments, various electronic noisemakers, brass/woodwind/string ensembles, and traditional rock instruments. The lyrics of Emperor X songs have been described as simultaneously "hallucinatory" and "precise," and discuss subjects ranging from plate tectonics, paramilitary religious fanatics, the nature of time as it relates to car accident casualties and the 2009 Port-au-Prince earthquake, failed attempts to fix broken air conditioners, and mass transit. Emperor X tours across the United States regularly and performs around the world as well, including tours in Mexico, Canada, Australia, the United Kingtom, and the European Union. In a self-described attempt to address the diminishing utility of physical copies of music and the expanding role of marketing in the experience of art, Matheny often hides or buries one-off physical copies and associated visual artwork of b-sides at GPS coordinates and posts them online as a part of a geocaching game to unlock MP3 copies of the audio. For the release of the 2012 Emperor X album Western Teleport, 41 "translucent purple audio tape cassettes" were buried across North America, many of which remain undiscovered. These hybrid art/marketing project received national attention including a feature on National Public Radio's "Weekend Edition" program. Emperor X was also nominated for the A2IM 2012 Libera Light Bulb Award for Most Creative Marketing Campaign.

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Emperor X Concerts 2020


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