Goran Bregovic
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Goran Bregovi? is one of the most internationally known modern musicians and composers of the Balkans. He left Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Bosnian War and moved back to Bosnia after the end of the war. Bregovi? has composed for such varied artists as Iggy Pop and Cesária Évora. He rose to fame playing guitar with his rock band Bijelo dugme. Among his better known scores are three of Emir Kusturica's films.

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Goran Bregovic New Album

Tales and Songs from Weddings and Funerals (2002)

  • Tale I (Grave disperato)
  • Te Kuravle
  • Tale II (Adagio poco febrile)
  • Aven Ivenda
  • Polizia molto arabbiata
  • Sex
  • Hop Hop Hop
  • Cocktail Molotov
  • Tale IV (Moderato melancolico)
  • Maki, Maki
  • Tale VI (Adagio delicato)
  • Tale III (Lento arabesco)
  • So Nevo Si
  • Tale V (Andante amoroso)
  • Tale VII (Vivo con fuoco)


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