Helsinki Electronic Bands

Pepe Deluxé Tour Dates

Pepe Deluxé is a Finnish electronic music oriented band, formed in 1996 by DJ Slow JA-Jazz and James Spectrum in Helsinki, Finland. They started to experiment with sounds of hip hop, big beat, breakbeat and downtempo. DJ Slow departed the band in 2001 to pursue solo projects. JA-Jazz has been off-d

Slusnik Luna Tour Dates

Slusnik Luna are a Finnish electronic music duo formed in 1994, composed of Niko Nyman and Nicklas Renqvist. The pair play and produce trance and house tracks. They also produced soundtracks for the Amiga CD32 version of the video game, Super Stardust, published by Team 17 and developed by Bloodhous

Don Johnson Big Band Tour Dates

Don Johnson Big Band is an alternative hip hop group from Helsinki, Finland. Their music blends influences from a variety of genres such as electronic music, funk, rock and jazz.

Op:l Bastards Tour Dates

Op:l Bastards was formed by Timo Kaukolampi, Vilunki 3000 and Tuomo Puranen from Helsinki, Finland. Kaukolampi and Vilunki had earlier on played in the garage rock band Larry and the Lefthanded. Their original name was Opel Bastards, but they had to change it due to the pressure from Opel company. T

Imatran Voima Tour Dates

Imatran Voima is an electro music duo of Randy Barracuda and Fresh O. Lexxx, hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Their music is heavily influenced by Miami Bass, and they run their own record label Kostamus Records. Imatran Voima took their name from the Finnish electricity company of the same name. The

End of You Tour Dates

End of You is a Finnish alternative/dance rock band formed in 2003 in Helsinki.

Jaani Peuhu Tour Dates

Jaani Peuhu is a Finnish musician, producer and songwriter. He is the founder and lead vocalist of the Finnish band Iconcrash and currently working with his debut solo album. He currently resides in Helsinki, Finland.

Max Tundra Tour Dates

Ben Jacobs, more commonly known by the stage name Max Tundra, is an English multi-instrumental musician, singer and music producer. His work is predominantly electronic music but incorporates non-electronic styles and instruments. Other than his full length albums, he has also done remix work for ba

Iconcrash Tour Dates

Iconcrash is an electrorock/darkwave band from Helsinki, Finland, formed by vocalist composer Jaani Peuhu. Now the band members include Arttu Juntunen, keyboard and backup vocals, Riku-Niilo Mattila bass, Matti Toivonen, guitar and Oskari Vilmunen, drums. The English-Finnish record company Parole Re

Kemopetrol Tour Dates

Kemopetrol is a Finnish band from Helsinki. The members of Kemopetrol are the vocalist Laura Närhi, the drummer Teemu Nordman, the guitarist Marko Soukka and the keyboardist Kalle Koivisto, who also writes the songs for Kemopetrol. Kemopetrol's original bassist, Kari Myöhänen, left the band in Ju