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His music and his message are part of a spiritual awakening that is spreading all over Latin America. The popularity of his music is evident in the sales numbers of his CD's and the well-attended concerts all over the world. He is the founder and President of Vastago Producciones, a record label dedicated to the production and distribution of music with a Christian message. Vastago Producciones organizes and promotes concerts with the sole purpose of impacting people’s lives with the message of the Gospel. According to Jesus Adrian Romero, "If you can change the heart of the people, you can change the world." Jesus Adrian Romero is a prolific writer; his songs have been recorded by some of the best Christian singers in Latin America. Among some of his best albums, some of the favorites are: "El Aire De Tu Casa", "Ayer Te Vi….Fue Mas Claro Que La Luna", "El Brillo De Mis Ojos", and the soon to be released “Soplando Vida” album. They are all characterized be a mix of new rhythms and sounds that make each album unique. His passion for Jesus has been his inspiration to write many songs, but also his inspiration to write his first book titled, "Cenando Con Jesus". This book invites us to take a journey through the gospels and to view Jesus under a different light. He presents Jesus as someone who would sit around the dinner table, and enjoy the company and communion of friends. He presents Jesus as someone who is yearning for a relationship with us. Jesus Adrian Romero, is part of a generation of Latin American singer-songwriters that are looking to be transparent in their private, and public lives. His intention is to leave a positive imprint in the hearts of those that listen to his music.

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