Leipzig Electronic Bands

Cyborg Attack Tour Dates

Cyborg Attack is a musical group formed in 1995 in Germany near Leipzig. The music style are generally categorized as a symbiosis of EBM and Electropunk. Their more recent material has incorporated a disparate set of influences, notably the musical symbiosis of EBM with influences of punk, creating

Tyske Ludder Tour Dates

Tyske Ludder is a German EBM band. Their members include Claus Albers, Olaf A. Reimers and Ralf Homann. In 2008 they appeared at the Infest in Bradford. And in May 2009 they appeared at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig and the M'era Luna Festival in Hildesheim Germany. The phrase Tyske Ludder direc

Bob Humid Tour Dates

Bob Humid is a producer in the Cologne electronic music scene. His musical work expands from electronic breakbeats to experimental electronica while occasionally touching the area of club music. He describes his own music as "Eclectica". He was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, but grew up in Germany for

Chris Hülsbeck Tour Dates

Chris Hülsbeck is a video game music composer from Germany. He has written soundtracks for more than 70 titles, the latest being Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams. Many of his scores for the Commodore 64 are regarded as classics among enthusiasts today, most notably The Great Giana Sisters. He is best