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Marco Masini is an Italian singer and musician. He was known in the 1990s for his daring and extravagant way of singing. One of its greatest virtues is his voice due to his vocal range, which reaches, according to experts, musical notes that are difficult to reach. The critics acknowledge his significant gain in length, with maturity, in addition to virtuoso rhythmic sense, interpretive strength and a tone of voice that stands out among the popular singers, being rated as one of the largest and by others as the best popular singer in Italian twentieth century. Accompanied by guitarist Riccardo Cherubini, Marco Masini is one of the creators of a new perspective with his verses, a fusion of classical music, rock and blues. Marco Masini has become one of the greatest icons of Italian pop of the last 20 years. Among his musical achievements we can highlight T'innamorerai, Disperato, L'uomo volante, Dal buio, Malinconoia, Ali di cera, Cenerentola innamorata, Bella Stronza, Niente d'Importante, Ti Vorrei, Principessa, Caro babbo, Vaffanculo, Vai con lui and Perché lo fai. In Asia, songs like "T'innamorerai", "L'uomo volante" and "Dal Buio" are successful to this day. Particularly in Brazil, are successful songs "L'amore sia con te", "Dal Buio", "Voglio Volare." Marco Masini is a solo artist with the highest number of "hits" on the charts worldwide.

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