Melbourne Country Bands

The Dingoes Tour Dates

The Dingoes are an Australian country rock band initially active from 1973 to 1979, formed in Melbourne they relocated to the United States from 1976. Most stable line-up was John Bois on bass guitar, John Lee on drums, Broderick Smith on vocals and harmonica, Chris Stockley on guitar and Kerryn Tol

Weddings Parties Anything Tour Dates

Weddings Parties Anything were an Australian folk rock band formed in 1984 in Melbourne and continuing until 1998. Their name came from The Clash song and musicologist Billy Pinnell described their first album as the best Australian rock debut since Skyhooks' Living in the '70s. The band was led by

Dan Brodie Tour Dates

Dan Brodie is an ARIA Award nominated singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. His debut EP, I'm Floatin' Mama was independently released in 1998; followed by his debut album, Big Black Guitar. Backed by The Broken Arrows which featured his brother Chris Brodie on slide guitar, Craig Williamson

Terry Tufts Tour Dates

" Have guitar. Will travel." Terry Tufts is a finger-style guitarist living off-grid with his wife and daughter in the bush in North Frontenac, Ontario. Terry has been playing music for enjoyment since 1963 and as a profession since 1974. His father's job with the Canadian Government moved the fa

The Hepparays Tour Dates

The Hepparays were an Australian rock n roll music group which formed in 1957 with Tony Caperero on guitar, Bruce Guss on piano, Lucky Starr on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, and Dave Taylor on drums and percussion. Starr had met his band mates on the train on his way to work at a power station. The

Travis Shredd and the Good Ol' Homeboys Tour Dates

Travis Shredd and the Good Ol' Homeboys is an American band that was started by Eric Wilson, a.k.a. Travis Shredd. The band combines the sounds of country, metal and rap, usually within the same song. Travis Shredd and the Good Ol' Homeboys have been featured on the Dr. Demento radio show and have b

Carus and The True Believers Tour Dates

Carus and The True Believers are an Australian folk/country/roots/reggae band based in Melbourne, Australia. The band which was formed in 1995 has since risen to national prominence as a major band on the new roots-folk scene and are beginning to develop a loyal fan base in Europe and North America.

Diana Trask Tour Dates

Diana Trask is an Australian and American country and pop singer born in Melbourne, Australia. She was a popular country singer during the 1970s in the United States and also was a popular star in her native Australia. In the U.S., she charted eighteen singles on the country charts, of which the hig

Bucky Baxter Tour Dates

William "Bucky" Baxter is an American multi-instrumentalist from New Jersey. He was born in Melbourne, Florida. He has appeared on various albums by artists such as Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Steve Earle, R.E.M., and Joe Henry. In studio, or while performing live, Baxter has played steel guitar, acousti

Johnny Chester Tour Dates

John Howard "Johnny" Chester is an Australian singer-songwriter, who started his career in October 1959 singing rock'n'roll and in 1969 changed to country music. He has toured nationally with The Beatles, Roy Orbison, The Everly Brothers, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette and Charley Pride. D