Miami Electronic Bands

Ursula 1000 Tour Dates

Alex Gimeno is a DJ best known for Ursula 1000, a wide-ranging musical project including lounge, breakbeat, glam and cha cha. Gimeno was born in Brooklyn, New York. During his childhood, he and his family moved to Miami Beach where his father had an extended residency. He moved back to Brooklyn in t

Weekend Players Tour Dates

Weekend Players was an electronic music duo from England. The musicians were vocalist Rachel Foster, who has provided vocals and songwriting on Bent's Ariels album, and producer Andy Cato, one half of Groove Armada. The duo hit number one on the US Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 2003 with "I'll

Dynamix II Tour Dates

Dynamix II was an American electro group, founded 1986 in West Palm Beach, Florida. The latter day members of the group were David Noller and Scott Weiser, although the original team was Noller and Lon "Ace in the Place" Alonzo. The duo took their name from the Dynamix mixing board used in the produ

Blue Foundation Tour Dates

Blue Foundation is a band founded in 2000 by producer and singer Tobias Wilner. The band is based in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. Since 2008 their line-up has consisted of Tobias Wilner and Bo Rande. They are possibly best known for their songs '"Eyes on Fire" from the Twilight Saga and "Sweep" from

Imatran Voima Tour Dates

Imatran Voima is an electro music duo of Randy Barracuda and Fresh O. Lexxx, hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Their music is heavily influenced by Miami Bass, and they run their own record label Kostamus Records. Imatran Voima took their name from the Finnish electricity company of the same name. The

Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom Tour Dates

Delia Gonzalez and Gavin Russom are two performance artists, musicians, and sculptors from Miami, Florida and Providence, Rhode Island respectively. The two met at a party in New York City and afterwards began working with each other. They have displayed work in, among other places, New York, Naples

TodoSantos Tour Dates

Todosantos is an audiovisual electronic indie band from Brooklyn, NY, recently relocated from Caracas, Venezuela. Stylus Magazine described their album Aeropuerto as "one of the more beguiling, multi-faceted debuts of recent years." Their latest EP Acid Girlzzz is a departure from their previous EP

Bimbo Jones Tour Dates

Bimbo Jones is a UK dance music group comprising producers Lee Dagger and Marc JB and vocalist Katherine Ellis. Known for their remix work and white label releases, they produced a remix of Meck's 2006 UK No. 1 single "Thunder in My Heart Again". They also produce under the aliases of Dead Stereo, E

John Roome Tour Dates

John Roome is a hip hop/breaks artist who has worked with The Orb and The Jungle Brothers. Having completed the score on five movies he has provided material for John Leguizamo's Undefeated and Into the Sun, as well as John Carpenter's Masters of Horror. Roome has contributed music to various other

Stefan Eichinger Tour Dates

Since 1994 Stef Lopazz, also known as LOPAZZ, has been part of the Heidelberg based HD800 team; he also runs the multimedia label 800achtspur, and is renowned as a film composer and Mix-Mastering-Engineer, having written, produced and engineered many internationally acclaimed records and films. In 2