Pittsburgh Electronic Bands

Black Moth Super Rainbow Tour Dates

Black Moth Super Rainbow is an American experimental band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Little is known about the band or its members, as they have kept themselves something of an enigma.

Gil Mantera's Party Dream Tour Dates

Gil Mantera's Party Dream is an electronic synthpop party band hailing originally from Youngstown, Ohio, with Gil Mantera living in Columbus, Ohio as well as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Donny has always lived in Youngstown. Consisting of self-proclaimed brothers Gil Mantera and Ultimate Donny, the Par

Power Pill Fist Tour Dates

Power Pill Fist is an Atari noise rock artist from Pittsburgh, PA. He was the bassist for the experimental band Black Moth Super Rainbow from its beginnings in 1999 to 2009. Beginning in 2004, Ken Fec started experimenting with the Atari 2600 and the Synthcart cartridge created by Paul Slocum. His m

William Fitzsimmons Tour Dates

William Fitzsimmons is an American singer-songwriter, based in Illinois, perhaps best known for his songs "Passion Play" and "Please Don't Go", which aired during pivotal scenes in ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy. His first two full-length albums, Until When We Are Ghosts and Goodnight were compl

Nicole Skeltys Tour Dates

Nicole Skeltys is an Australian composer, writer and presenter, currently based in Pittsburgh, USA. From 1993 to 2003 she was part of Btek, an Australian electronica and dance act. Skeltys also released electronic music under the name Artificial during this period and was a member of Clan Analogue.