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Psyclon Nine is a musical group formed in 2000 in the San Francisco Bay Area. While their early efforts are generally categorized as aggrotech, their more recent material has incorporated a disparate set of musical and aesthetic influences, notably metal, black metal and industrial metal. The group took a hiatus at the end of 2010 due to Marshall Goppert's opiate addiction. According to a Facebook status on their page, Goppert is bringing Psyclon Nine back. On October 30, 2011, Psyclon Nine played their first show since the hiatus in New York. The name is a malapropism of Zyklon B, the trade name of a cyanide-based pesticide invented in the early 1920s and infamous for its later use by Nazi Germany to kill human beings in gas chambers of extermination camps during the Holocaust. The "Nine" is used because the number is significant in Aleister Crowley's numerological writings.

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