Salt Lake City Rock Bands

The New Transit Direction Tour Dates

The New Transit Direction is an indie band from Salt Lake City in Utah, USA, formed in 2000. The band has performed as an opening act with The Used, Taking Back Sunday, The Blood Brothers and Form of Rocket. After releasing an EP called New Transit Direction, the band signed a record deal with Some

Royal Bliss Tour Dates

Royal Bliss is an American rock band formed in 1997 in Salt Lake City, Utah. They were previously signed to Capitol Records and have released eight studio albums.

Peter Breinholt Tour Dates

Peter's older brother is Jeffrey Breinholt. Peter Breinholt is a recording artist popular in the Salt Lake City, Utah local music scene. His music is usually classified as singer-songwriter. Breinholt grew up in Devon, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, where his father Robert H. Breinholt taug

Uzi and Ari Tour Dates

Uzi and Ari is an American indie rock band based in Salt Lake City, Utah that has received favorable comparisons to artists such as Thom Yorke, Mogwai, The Postal Service, and The Album Leaf. Founded by Ben Shepard in 2003, Uzi and Ari has seen many changes in its lineup. The current members of the

Making April Tour Dates

Making April was an American piano-based alternative rock band formed in Verplanck, New York, in 2005. The band consists of vocalist and pianist Sean Scanlon, bassist Gregory Federspiel and guitarist and backing vocalist Steven McCaffrey. Making April's first songs were released on a demo titled My

Dimension Zero Tour Dates

Dimension Zero are an experimental electronic/gothic rock band based out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Unlike traditional musical projects, Dimension Zero originated in 1992 as an online distributor for graphical/musical computer demos created by groups like Future Crew, ACiD, and The Humble Guys. Monty

Iceburn Tour Dates

Iceburn, known later as the Iceburn Collective, was a musical group formed in 1991 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, by guitarist/vocalist/composer Gentry Densley, the sole constant member through multiple personnel changes. They were known for their unique style that combined elements of jazz, heavy me

Kid Theodore Tour Dates

Kid Theodore is a disbanded American indie-pop band that was based in Los Angeles, California. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah with a reputation for drawing from a wide range of genres and musical styles, the band has recently moved into a more "garage pop" sound drawing heavily from rock n' ro

California Guitar Trio Tour Dates

California Guitar Trio is a band of three guitar players founded in 1991. The three—Paul Richards of Salt Lake City, Utah, Bert Lams of Affligem, Belgium, and Hideyo Moriya of Tokyo, Japan—met at a 1987 Guitar Craft course, in which Robert Fripp instructed them in the New Standard Tuning. After

Tragic Black Tour Dates

Tragic Black is an American deathrock band formed in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 2000 by musicians known as Vision and Vyle. A five-piece band from who is best known for their dark aesthetic, decadence & high-energy performances. TB's music has evolved since their inception. With each release lyrically