San Diego Rock Bands

Blink-182 Tour Dates

Blink-182 is an American punk rock band consisting of bassist and vocalist Mark Hoppus, guitarist and vocalist Tom DeLonge, and drummer Travis Barker. They have sold over 40 million albums worldwide since forming in San Diego, California in 1992. With original drummer Scott Raynor they released thei

Box Car Racer Tour Dates

Box Car Racer was a short-lived American post-hardcore band from San Diego, California, formed in 2002. The band was a side-project of guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge and drummer Travis Barker of Blink-182, along with lead guitarist David Kennedy of Hazen Street, and touring bassist Anthony Celestino

Sprung Monkey Tour Dates

Sprung Monkey is an American band that originated in San Diego, California, USA, initially active from 1991 to 2002, and again since 2005. Sprung Monkey consists of five members, Steve Summers for the vocals, Mike Summers and William Riley for the guitars, Ernie Longoria for the drums, and Tony Delo

the Beat Farmers Tour Dates

The Beat Farmers were a cowpunk band which formed in San Diego, California, in August 1983, and enjoyed a cult following throughout into the early 1990s before the premature death of drummer and sometime lead singer Country Dick Montana. Their music has been described as an amalgamation of cow punk,

Drive Like Jehu Tour Dates

Drive Like Jehu was an American post-hardcore and alternative rock band from San Diego active from 1990 to 1995. Formed by rhythm guitarist and vocalist Rick Froberg and lead guitarist John Reis following the breakup of their band Pitchfork, the band's lineup also included bassist Mike Kennedy and d

B.Slade Tour Dates

Anthony Charles Williams II, better known by his stage name B.Slade, formerly known under the gospel moniker Tonéx, is an American singer, songwriter, actor, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, dancer, producer, and activist from San Diego, CA. He has gone by various names and aliases, but his primary s

The Fucking Champs Tour Dates

The Fucking Champs are a three-piece progressive rock band from San Francisco, California. They are known for their heavy metal appeal, based largely around shifting time signatures, guitar harmonies, and lots of rhythm. Most songs are instrumental. They are currently signed to Drag City. They have

Hot Snakes Tour Dates

Hot Snakes are an American post-hardcore band led by Rick Froberg and John Reis, formed in 1999 in San Diego, California. Reis and Froberg had previously performed together in Pitchfork and Drive Like Jehu, after which Reis had found international success with Rocket from the Crypt. Hot Snakes disba

The Icarus Line Tour Dates

The Icarus Line is an American post-hardcore band from Los Angeles, California. The Icarus Line was formed from a high school rock group Kanker Sores. Tragedy struck the band in 1997, when Tim Childs, drummer and close friend, was killed in a car crash shortly after recording their Pivot EP as Kanke

Three Mile Pilot Tour Dates

Three Mile Pilot is an indie rock band from San Diego, California formed by Armistead Burwell Smith IV on bass and vocals, Pall Jenkins on vocals and guitar, and Thomas Zinser on drums.