São Paulo Electronic Bands

Wanessa camargo Tour Dates

Wanessa Godói Camargo Buaiz, also known simply as Wanessa, is a Brazilian pop singer-songwriter. She is the daughter of Brazilian country singer Zezé Di Camargo from the duo Zezé Di Camargo & Luciano. She was also the spokesperson for various brands, such as Maybelline, and several products based

Dalimas Tour Dates

Dalimas is a group of dance music musicians from Brazil. The group was formed in 2003 and is composed of Gisele Abramoff as the vocalist, and Tibor Yuzo and Tom Hopkins as the producers. Everything started when Gisele recorded a new version for Livin' On A Prayer, originally by Bon Jovi, with no str

Tetine Tour Dates

Tetine are Bruno Verner and Eliete Mejorado. They met in 1995 in São Paulo, Brazil. Since then they have created a multitude of sound works from atonal orchestral pieces to electro punk / baile funk / miami bass-driven tunes. They have also made a series of ritualistic performances and have extensi

Luigi Masi Tour Dates

Luigi Masi is a British singer who lives in London, but was born in São Paulo, Brazil. His first club single "Strobelight" was released on 20 October 2008 and was a top 10 UK club hit peaking at number 6 with lead remixes by The Wideboys. His second track "Armed With Love" was released on 25 May 20

CSS Tour Dates

CSS is a Brazilian rock band from São Paulo. The band was labeled as part of the explosion of the new rave scene. Their songs are in both English and Portuguese. Cansei de Ser Sexy literally translates as "I got tired of being sexy".

Conrado Dess Tour Dates

Conrado Dess is a Brazilian singer, songwriter, actor and record producer. Dess got his start in his hometown, where he sang gospel songs in church throughout his childhood. At age 14, he started taking singing lessons to refine his singing voice. He spent the next few years maintaining a MySpace pr