Stuttgart Rock Bands

NoRMAhl Tour Dates

Normahl is a German punk band formed in 1978 in Winnenden near Stuttgart by four high school students. Their first major entry into the U.S. was with the song Keine Überdosis Deutschland featured in the hit movie Euro Trip.

Lost Sounds Tour Dates

Lost Sounds was a rock band from Memphis, Tennessee. Starting in March 1999, the band was made up of Rich Crook on drums, Patrick Jordan on bass, Jay Reatard on synth, guitar and vocals, and Alicja Trout also on synth, guitar and vocals. The band, originally working within the garage rock genre, had

Anyone's Daughter Tour Dates

Anyone's Daughter is a German progressive rock band founded in 1972 in Stuttgart by Uwe Karpa und Matthias Ulmer. The band started out playing covers of Deep Purple and others, and named themselves after the Deep Purple song released in 1971. Anyone's Daughter is considered playing Progressive rock,

Jeff Dahl Tour Dates

Jeff Dahl is an American musician born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1955. In 1960 the Dahl family relocated to Hawaii. Dahl recorded his first single, "Rock N Roll Critic", in 1977, which as released on the Doodley Squat label. Dahl later served time in The Angry Samoans and Powertrip, and played and re

Francis Soto Tour Dates

Francis Soto Band is a German-Swedish Heavy metal band from Stuttgart, Germany.

Mat Sinner Tour Dates

Mat Sinner is a bassist, vocalist and record producer from Stuttgart in Germany. His main bands have been Sinner since 1982 and Primal Fear since 1997, which he formed with Ralf Scheepers. He has been involved in numerous other projects throughout his musical career. Mat joined Voodoo Circle permane