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With humble beginnings as rural farm-boys, The Hoppers (originally known as the Hopper Brothers and Connie) were formed in 1957 by founding member and owner, Claude Hopper. The group, green in experience, consisted of Claude, his four brothers Will, Steve, Paul and Monroe, and his future wife, Connie. Over the years, the Hopper Brothers and Connie welcomed and then parted with musicians and singers who have gone on to their acclaimed service in Christian Music. Connie and Claude’s two sons, Dean and Michael, eventually joined the group full-time as lead vocalist and drummer. In 1981, The Hoppers were chosen to represent the genre of Southern Gospel Music at the Religious Inaugural Celebration for President Ronald Reagan. While The Hoppers achieved tremendous success through the first three decades of ministry- the era of the ‘90s began a new leg of their journey with the addition of Dean’s wife, Kim, as soprano and a streak of hit number one songs including: “Milk and Honey”, “Here I Am”, “Anchor to the Power of the Cross”, and ” Mention My Name”. The pace of the group, with God’s help, was hitting new strides. In addition to radio success, The Hoppers have received numerous accolades including Mixed Group of the Year from the Heart’s Aflame Awards, Diamond Awards, Singing News Fan Awards, and the SGMA; as well as four Dove Award nominations. In 1998, Connie was presented with the prestigious Marvin Norcross award, which is given to those with excellence in “Devotion to family, service to Church, and contributions to the Gospel Music Industry”. Michael received the Musician of the Year award from the Singing News Fan Awards, along with Kim who has had the privilege of being given the title of Female Vocalist and Favorite Soprano for well over a decade by the same association. The Hoppers have been traveling the country, and more recently, the world spreading the Gospel while performing fan favorites like “Jerusalem”, “Yes I Am”, “Shoutin’ Time”, “Yaweh”, “The Ride”, and “Blame it on Love”. The group has always tried to remain stalwart in their sharing of hope and God’s unmatchable love, while keeping their faith in Christ and family. Their prayer is to extend this message to all who do not know him, and encourage those who do. Group accolades Favorite Mixed Group Award 1997-98-99-00-01-02-03-05-08-09 Mixed Vocal Group SGMA 1982-83-98-99-00-01 "Hearts-A-Flame" Mixed Group Award 95-96-97 Connie Favorite Alto Award 1998-99-00 and the Prestigious Marvin Norcross Award in 1998 Queen of Gospel Music 83-84 Person of the year 2005 Kim Female Vocalist "Hearts-A-Flame" 95-96-97 Female Vocalist SGMA 99 Young Artist Singing News Soprano 97-98-99-00-01-02-03-04-05-06-07-08-09 Female Vocalist Singing News 99-00-01-07-08-09 Female Vocalist Voice Diamonds 99 Michael Favorite Musician 2001-2005 Favorite Artist Web Site 2005

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