Toronto Electronic Bands

Sianspheric Tour Dates

Sianspheric is a shoegaze/dream pop-oriented rock band originally from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. "Sian" is a Hindi word meaning "intelligent" or "bright," and it is a common surname in places where Hindi is spoken. The band formed in 1994, and signed with the then-fledgling record label Sonic Unyon

Euphoria Tour Dates

Euphoria is a Canadian trance, techno, and electronica music project formed in Toronto in 1993 by Ken Ramm. The music groups has released three albums. Their 1999 self-titled effort featured guest appearances by Geddy Lee, Roy Babbington, Anne Dudley, and gospel singer Juliette Roberts. Euphoria gai

displacer Tour Dates

Displacer is the solo electronic project of Toronto, Ontario-based musician Michael Morton.

Dreamstate Tour Dates

DreamSTATE is a Canadian ambient music project known for their soundscape installations and early live ambient performances in the Toronto, Ontario area. Their soundscapes combine electronic music processes with field recordings and range from light to dark ambient.

vitaminsforyou Tour Dates

Vitaminsforyou is a Canadian electronic music project led by Bryce Kushnier, a pioneer of the “lo-fi bedroom electronics” genre of music. Originally based in Winnipeg, the band currently operates from Toronto.

Dragonette Tour Dates

Dragonette is a Canadian electronic music band from Toronto, Ontario, formed in 2005. The band consists of singer-songwriter Martina Sorbara, bassist and producer Dan Kurtz and drummer Joel Stouffer. Dragonette released a self-titled EP before being signed to Mercury Records and relocating to London

Small Sins Tour Dates

Small Sins is the Toronto-based indie rock act of Thomas D'Arcy, former member of The Carnations. The Small Sins were once known as The Ladies and Gentlemen, but due to legal reasons they had to change their name. Since recording the debut album, D'Arcy has put together a band for live appearances c

Killer Bunnies Tour Dates

The Killer Bunnies was Canadian a techno/house project based out of Toronto, Ontario. They also charted under another alias, Outta Control.

I am Robot and Proud Tour Dates

Shaw-Han Liem, better known by the alias I am Robot and Proud, is a Canadian indie electronic artist from Toronto, Ontario. He has released albums under the labels Darla and & Records. He is also a video game designer, having co-created the Playstation 3 and PS Vita game Sound Shapes.

David Dineen-Porter Tour Dates

David Dineen-Porter is an actor, comedian and musician from Toronto, Canada. He is one of two grand prize winners of the Cambrian House's Robinhood Fund $20,000 Christmas Wish giveaway event for a "selfish wish".