Warsaw Rock Bands

Dezerter Tour Dates

Dezerter, founded as SS-20 in May 1981 in Warsaw, is one of the most popular punk bands from Poland. The band was founded by three students of Warsaw's vocational high school - Robert "Robal" Matera, Krzysztof Grabowski, and Dariusz "Stepa" Stepnowski. All three were born in 1963, and went to the sa

Kult Tour Dates

Kult is a Polish rock band formed in 1982 in Warsaw, originally consisting of Kazik Staszewski, Piotr Wieteska, Tadeusz Bagan and Dariusz Gierszewski. Kult's early works were strongly influenced by alternative, progressive and punk rock, as well as the British New Wave, but the band gradually incorp

Brygada Kryzys Tour Dates

Brygada Kryzys or BK is one of the most important and influential Polish punk/rock reggae bands. The band was founded in 1981 by two well-known guitarist/vocalists from Warsaw, Robert Brylewski and Tomasz Lipiński.

Closterkeller Tour Dates

Closterkeller is a Polish Gothic rock band from Warsaw. It was formed in 1988 by Przemysław Guryń, Jacek Skirucha, and the vocalist Anja Orthodox. Despite many changes in the band's line-up it has created a characteristic sound. Orthodox is the only member of the original line-up, performing conti


Golec uOrkiestra is a Polish folk-rock group, founded in 1998 in southern village of Milówka near Żywiec by two brothers – Paweł and Łukasz Golec, after whom it is named. First lineup consisted of eight musicians, and the band performed mostly during holidays, also in local clubs. In 1999, two

2 Plus 1 Tour Dates

2 Plus 1 was a Polish band performing pop and folk music and in the later period of its activity also synthpop and rock. It was founded in 1971 in Warsaw by Janusz Kruk and Elżbieta Dmoch. The band has recorded ten studio albums, won a number of prizes and performed in many countries. 2 Plus 1 enjo

Post Regiment Tour Dates

Post Regiment were a Polish punk rock or hardcore punk band. They formed in Warsaw in 1986. In the early days, Post Regiment had a much slower pace and more conventional singing style with vocalist Darek "Tolek" Gracki. By 1987, he left and Dominika "Nika" Domczyk took over on vocals. The band devel

Warsaw Pakt Tour Dates

Warsaw Pakt was a short-lived punk group which were active in the years of 1977-78, though some of its members had heritages linking them to the 1960s underground. This was apparent in their sound, which was a sophisticated punk thrash with plenty of energy but also more structure than some contempo

PIMPBOT Tour Dates

Pimpbot is a ska punk band from Honolulu. Formed in 2001, the band is currently composed of Fernando "The Love Machine" Pacheco, Tom "Tommy Utah" Coleman, Rylan "Big Sexy" Yee, Eric "The Biz" Lagrimas, and Cathy "Kat von Keys" Lagrimas who are graduates of the University of Hawaii and Berklee Colleg

Joy Division Tour Dates

Joy Division were an English rock band formed in 1976 in Salford, Greater Manchester. Originally named Warsaw, the band primarily consisted of Ian Curtis, Bernard Sumner, Peter Hook and Stephen Morris. Joy Division rapidly evolved from their initial punk rock influences to develop a sound and style