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Worth Dying For is a Christian Worship band encompassing various artists from the Southern California based Ammunition Movement. Not to be confused with the Canadian Metal band of the same name Originating from the Modesto, CA ministry Ammunition, they set out with their lead pastor, Jeremy Johnson to plant a church in the Southern California area in early 2012. Their self-titled debut album was released on April 15, 2008 by Integrity Music. Don Moen, former President of Integrity Music who signed Worth Dying For, told web based magazine Christian Music Daily, “In a day when most new bands are anything but original, Worth Dying For is an exception, This band is writing great new songs, and their sound is fresh and original. Birthed out of a church with a desire to reach their generation for Christ, Worth Dying For is focused on the right stuff. It's refreshing and contagious.” Their second album, Love Riot was released in February 2011. An EP was released at the NEXT youth Convention in Hershey, Pennsylvania. In 2012, they released Live Riot.

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