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Ahmed Bukhatir Tour Dates

Ahmed Bukhatir is an Emirati Nasheed singer. He is the only Nasheed singer from the UAE to ever top a Virgin music chart.

Ahmed Fouad Negm Tour Dates

Ahmed Fouad Negm is an Egyptian vernacular poet. Born in Sharqia, Egypt on May 22, 1929, Negm is well known for his work with Egyptian composer Sheikh Imam, as well as his patriotic and revolutionary Egyptian Arabic poetry. Negm has been regarded as a folk hero and voice for the Egyptian underclass.

Ahmad Zahir Tour Dates

Ahmad Zahir was a singer, songwriter, and composer from Afghanistan. He is widely considered an icon of Afghan music and is sometimes called the "King of Afghan music". His songs are mostly in Dari and based on well-recognized Persian poems, although a few are in Pashto and English. Zahir composed a

Ahmed Soultan Tour Dates

Ahmed Soultan is a Moroccan singer artist,considered as one of the leaders of the "Nayda".. Often called the OSNI,which could be translated "USO",for "Unknown Sounding Object",for his very particular style. Afro-Arabian soul music of which head titles are to represent this universality the artist st

Ahmad Dhani Tour Dates

Dhani Ahmad Prasetyo, better known as Ahmad Dhani or Dhani Manaf, is an Indonesian rock musician, songwriter, arranger, and producer. Described as a "rock star", Dhani is the frontman of Dewa 19 and Ahmad Band, and also a member of inter-continental band The Rock. He is also the owner and chairman o

Ahmir Tour Dates

Ahmir est un groupe R&B sorti en 2007, originaire de Boston, New York et Philadelphie. Leur premier single « Welcome To My Party » a été classé 82e dans le Billboard Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs et 19e dans le top des singles R&B Hip Hop en 2006. La même année, Ahmir remporte le concours « We Hear

Ahoy Rotterdam Tour Dates

Dit is het officiële kanaal van Ahoy Rotterdam. Ahoy Rotterdam is al 40 jaar een multifunctionele accommodatie waar o.a. prachtige evenementen worden georganiseerd.

Ahmad Jamal Tour Dates

Ahmad Jamal is an innovative and influential American jazz pianist, composer, and educator. According to American music critic Stanley Crouch, Jamal is second in importance in the development of jazz after 1945 only to Charlie Parker. For five decades, he has been one of the most successful small-gr

Ahab Tour Dates

Ahab is a German funeral doom metal band founded in 2004 by Midnattsol guitarists Christian Hector and Daniel Droste and former Endzeit guitarist Stephan Adolph. The band is named after Captain Ahab, a character in the novel Moby-Dick by Herman Melville. Along with its name, the band also draws them

Ahmad Kaabour Tour Dates

Ahmad Kaabour is a Lebanese singer, music composer and actor renowned in the Arab world.

Ahmed Jahanzeb Tour Dates

Ahmed Jahanzeb Usmani is a Pakistani pop singer and composer. Known as AJ, he was born in Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Jahanzeb is one of the few singers of the country, who have been trained in classical music and that is why he mostly sings soul stirring slow songs. Jahanzeb was trained under the gui

Ahmad Ebadi Tour Dates

Ahmad Ebādi was an Iranian musician and setar player. Born in Tehran, he was a member of the most extraordinary family of Iranian music. Ahmad's father, Mirza Abdollah, is arguably the most influential figure in Persian traditional music, and his paternal uncle, Mirza Hossein Gholi, is also well kn

Ahn Trio Tour Dates

The Ahn Trio is a classical piano trio composed of three sisters: Angella, Lucia and Maria Ahn. Lucia and Maria are twins. Born in Seoul, Korea, they moved to New York City in 1981 and began their training at the Juilliard School. The sisters decided to form a trio while they were earning their mast

Ahmed Rushdi Tour Dates

Ahmed Rushdi, SI, PP was a versatile Pakistani playback singer who worked in film music and was "an important contributor to the Golden Age of Pakistani film music." Rushdi is acclaimed as one of the greatest singers ever lived in South Asia and was a natural baritone, yet could sing high tenor note

Ahmet Kanneci Tour Dates

Ahmet Kanneci is a Turkish guitar virtuoso particularly on the Classic style. Currently, Kanneci is the chairman of the Department of Guitar, at Hacettepe University State Conservatory and actively teaching as well.

Ahli Fiqir Tour Dates

Ahli Fiqir is a Malay hip-hop musical group from Singapore.

Ahumado Granujo Tour Dates

Ahumado Granujo е сред известните Cyber Grindcore групи. По народност са чехи. Още с първото им прослушване, ще ви направи впечатление прекалено мелодичните грухтения и квичения

Ahmad Pejman Tour Dates

Ahmad Pejman, also spelled as Ahmad Pezhman, is an Iranian classical composer who resides in the United States.

Ahleuchatistas Tour Dates

Ahleuchatistas are an American instrumental math rock duo that mix influences of jazz, progressive rock, avant-garde, and experimental to create a unique sound. The band was formed in Asheville, North Carolina in November 2002. Ahleuchatistas' sound is rooted in a wide variety of sonic influences an

Ah bon ? Productions Tour Dates

Organisation de concerts

Ahmet Koç Tour Dates

Ahmet Koç is a bağlama artist from Turkey.

Ahu Tuğba Tour Dates

Ahu Tuğba is a Turkish actress. Her real name is Tuğba Çetin. Born into a wealthy family of Istanbul, she graduated from Istanbul's American High School for Girls, high school section for girls of Robert College, and attended, but not finished, English language studies at Concordia University in

Ahuga! - Das Liedermacherlabel Tour Dates

Ahuga! - Das Liedermacherlabel

Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain Tour Dates

Ahmed Hussain and Mohammed Hussain are ghazal singers from Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan state in India. Ahmed and Mohammed Hussain are two brothers who sing classical ghazals. Born in Rajastan as sons of the famous ghazal and thumri singer Ustad Afzal Hussain, the duo touches genres like Indian clas

AHF Tour Dates

A Happy Family // Creative Network

Ahmed Mouici Tour Dates

Ahmed Mouici, né le 9 juillet 1963 à Chambéry de parents algériens, est un chanteur français. Il chante d'abord dans le groupe de "variété" nommé "Pow woW", à partir du début des années 1990. Ce groupe à la mode devient très vite culte pour toute une génération avec son tube "Le Chat"

Aharon Razel Tour Dates

Aharon Razel, born in New York in 1974, is an Israeli musician and his music explores topics such as Torah, Orthodox Judaism and living in Israel.

Ahrue Luster Tour Dates

Ahrue Luster, born September 17, 1968 in Chicago, is the current lead guitarist for the Latin metal band Ill Niño. He is also the former guitarist for Machine Head as well as Manmade God and a Bay Area Thrash Metal act called The Horde of Torment who were originally called "Pestilence" but had to c

Ahmed Jan Thirakwa Tour Dates

Ahmed Jan Thirakwa Khan was an Indian tabla player, commonly considered the preeminent soloist among tabla players of the 20th century, and among the most influential percussionists in the history of Indian classical music. He was known for his mastery of the fingering techniques and aesthetic value

Ahmad Izham Omar Tour Dates

Ahmad Izham Omar is the chief executive officer of 8TV founder of Monkey Bone Records and head of Media Prima Radio Networks, which consist of Fly FM, Hot FM and One FM. He formerly owned a recording company called Positive Tone. He is by far the youngest CEO of a television station in Malaysia. A l

Ahmed Janka Nabay Tour Dates

Ahmed Janka Nabay is a Sierra Leonean musician who has been a major figure in Bubu Music, a traditionally Muslim music which is played by up to 20 musicians blowing into bamboo pipes of different sizes.. Janka Nabay recorded his album in Forensic Studios in Freetown during the Sierra Leonean Civil W

Ahmed Ghulamali Chagla Tour Dates

Ahmed Ghulam Ali Chagla was a Pakistani musical composer who famously wrote the musical composition for the national anthem of Pakistan in 1950.

Ahmad Morid Tour Dates

Ahmad Morid popular as Morbid is an Afghan veteran singer of Afghanistan's music golden era of late 1970s and early 1980s. He is credited to be the only singer to have rivaled, at the zenith of his career, the popularity of Ahmad Zahir. He currently lives as a reclusive exile in Hamburg, Germany. Ah

Ahnabith Gish Tour Dates

Ahnabith Gish is a progressive-rock band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is one of five bands chosen by X92 to play their showcase at Canadian Music Week '09 in Toronto Ahnabith Gish's first album, the ep locus brought, speechless pathetic was released independently in 2006 and was followed up wit

Ahmed Abdul-Malik Tour Dates

Ahmed Abdul-Malik was a jazz double bassist and oud player of Sudanese descent. He attended The High School of Music & Art in Harlem. In the mid-1970s, Malik was a substitute instructor at Junior High School 281, in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, New York, teaching strings under the supervision of Andrew Li

Ahead To The Sea Tour Dates

Gli Ahead to the sea erano un gruppo celtic punk tedesco formatosi a Friburgo nel 2004. Nelle loro canzoni adoperano, oltre agli strumenti del punk rock, anche il flauto, la fisarmonica e il violino. Le loro canzoni sono generalmente antifasciste e orientate a sinistra, e sono sia in tedesco che in

Ahvak Tour Dates

להקת רוק מתקדם ישראלית שמנגנת מוזיקה מורכבת ודיסוננטית. הלהקה מזוהה עם תנועת Rock in Opposition. הלהקה הוקמה בגוש דן בראשית שנות האלפיים, דרך פורום באינטרנט. בתחילת הדרך נקר

Ahmir-Khalib Thompson Tour Dates

Ahmir Khalib Thompson, known professionally as ?uestlove or Questlove, is an American drummer, DJ, music journalist and record producer. He is best known as the drummer and joint frontman for the Grammy Award-winning band The Roots, which is now the in-house band for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He

Ahmad Alaadeen Tour Dates

Ahmad Alaadeen was a jazz saxophonist and educator whose career spanned over six decades. A longtime fixture on the Kansas City jazz scene, Aladeen came to wider prominence in the 1990s with a series of self-released albums featuring his swing- and hard bop-oriented compositions that led Allmusic cr

Ahmed Adaweyah Tour Dates

Ahmed Adaweyah is an Egyptian singer and he was the first big star of sha'abi music during its first wave of popularity in the 1970s. He has starred in 27 Egyptian films. Adaweyah started his career as a cafe waiter but in 1971, he began performing songs using the language of the streets of Cairo, f

Ahn Eak-tai Tour Dates

Ahn Eak-tai was a Korean classical composer and conductor. He conducted numerous major orchestras across Europe, including the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Rome Philharmonic Orchestra. Ahn composed the Aegukga, now the national anthem of South Korea, Kore

Ahmad Tour Dates

Ahmad Ali Lewis, is an American music artist, songwriter, motivational speaker and author. Credited simply as AHMAD, he is best known for the 1994 single "Back in the Day," a nostalgic song that became a signifier for nostalgia in hip-hop culture. Ahmad is a former member and founder of the hip-hop

Ah-Niu Tour Dates

Tan Kheng Seong, better known by his stage name Ah Niu, is a Malaysian Chinese singer in Malaysia and Singapore. In 1997, his popularity was restricted to mainly Malaysia and Singapore, until Richie Jen sung his song which became widely popular. In December 1998, Rock Records sent Ah Niu to expand h

Ahn Jae-wook Tour Dates

Ahn Jae-wook (born on September 12, 1971 as per lunar calendar) is a South Korean actor, composer and singer. As a child he spent most of his childhood in his hometown, the district of Donamdong in Seoul, before graduating from Seoul Art College, where he majored in theatre. After graduating in 1994

Ahmad Wali Tour Dates

Ahmad Wali is a popular Ghazal singer from Afghanistan. He began his career in the 1970s, becoming popular in his native country before he was forced to flee by political upheaval in Afghanistan. He continued his work after resettling in Germany, performing throughout Europe and the United States.

Ahti Lampi Tour Dates

Ahti Lampi on suomalainen tanssimuusikko ja iskelmälaulaja. Varsinaiselta ammatiltaan hän on automaalari. Hän aloitti keikkailun vuonna 1963 eri orkestereiden solistina. Vuonna 1980 hän voitti mestaruuden Lappeenrannan humppafestivaaleilla yhtyeen Humppa ja tangopojat kanssa. Hän sai v. 1980 le