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Efterklang Tour Dates

Efterklang is an indie rock group from Copenhagen, Denmark, formed in December 2000. The band has recorded four studio albums and are currently signed to the 4AD label, as well as their own record label Rumraket. In 2012, they released their fourth album Piramida to good reviews.

Effex Albuquerque Tour Dates

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EFAP - Officiel Tour Dates

Aujourd'hui, plus que jamais, tout est communication !

Effins Pub and Grill Tour Dates

Your home for Aztec sports and mayhem since 1996!

Efrim Menuck Tour Dates

Efrim Manuel Menuck is a Canadian musician involved with a number of Montreal-based bands, most notably Godspeed You! Black Emperor and Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra. Menuck is also a frequent record producer, working with musicians from Montreal and abroad.

Efi Thodi Tour Dates

Efi Thodi is a Greek pop singer who specializes in traditional Greek and pop music. She was born and raised in Karditsa. Her music career commenced in 1984. Her first songs were in Greek and had a traditional style that she used up and until 2006. Since March 2009 Thodi makes television appearances

Efrén Echeverría Tour Dates

'Efren Echeverria' is a musician guitarist, composer, and compiler Paraguay.

Efrain Toro Tour Dates

Efraín Toro is a Puerto Rican percussionist and percussion teacher at the Musicians' Institute Los Angeles. He has written numerous books on rhythm.

Efua Baker Tour Dates

Efua Baker is a British celebrity fitness expert and trainer who also had a music career in the 1990s.

Efrem Schulz Tour Dates

Efrem "The Bean" Schulz is the lead singer of Death By Stereo. As of Paul Miner's departure in 2005, he is the only remaining original member of the band. He was previously in a band called Clint, who released two demos, a 7 Inch, and a full-length disc. Prior bands to Clint include Blue Bottle and

Efrem Kurtz Tour Dates

Efrem Kurtz was a Russian conductor. He studied at the Saint Petersburg conservatory with Alexander Glazunov and Nikolai Tcherepnin, among others. He later studied in Riga, Berlin and in Leipzig, in the last city as a pupil of Arthur Nikisch. Kurtz made his conducting debut when he substituted for a

Efisio Melis Tour Dates

Efisio Melis was a Sardinian folk musician. He was born in Villaputzu near the southeastern tip of the island of Sardinia. Melis is considered to have been the greatest performer ever on the traditional instrument, the launeddas, which is typically used in the music of southern Sardinia. Melis was a

Efraím Cardozo Tour Dates

Efraím Cardozo was a Paraguayan politician and historian.

Efrem Towns Tour Dates

Efrem Towns is a member of the musical group, Dirty Dozen Brass Band .

Effi Tour Dates

Effi ist ein Musikprojekt aus Graz, das sich durch verschiedene Musikstile, wie der Elektroakustik und Einflüssen des Jazz auszeichnet. Thomas Petritsch ist der Musiker, der hinter Effi steht. Der Name ist aus dem Roman „Effi Briest“ von Theodor Fontane entnommen.

Efrat Ben-Zur Tour Dates

Efrat Ben-Zur is an actress

Efrat Gosh Tour Dates

Efrat Gosh is an Israeli singer-songwriter.

Eftekasat Tour Dates

Eftekasat is an Egyptian Oriental jazz band that was established in late 2001 and gave its debut performance in February 2002 at the Cairo Jazz Club. The band has received positive critique from critics, who have praised the band's melding of different music styles. Eftekasat is one of very few Egyp

Efrem Zimbalist Tour Dates

Efrem Zimbalist, Sr. was an internationally known concert violinist, composer, teacher, conductor and director of the Curtis Institute of Music.

Efraín Medina Tour Dates

Efraín Medina Berry Vargas is a Mexican singer who participated in and was among the final three contestants of the first season of Latin American Idol. The Oldest of 4 Brothers: Lorena, Cristina y Alan. Since he was a Child he has liked music, specially "ranchera" and he demonstrated it by studyin

Efva Attling Tour Dates

Efva Katarina Attling, is a Swedish jewellery designer. In the early 1980s she played in the band "X Models" and released the hit single Två av oss. Her interest in design had her working for Levi's and H&M and in the mid 1990's she started her own line of jewellery. She worked as a professional mo

Ef Tour Dates

Ef is a post-rock band from Gothenburg, Sweden. Using little vocals, they feature a wide variety of instruments. Their debut album Give me beauty... Or give me death! was released in May 2006. They had several tours with shows in various European countries. In February 2008 the band released their s

Efren Eugene Benita Tour Dates

Dave Benton is a pop musician and 2001 winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Benton was born on the Caribbean island of Aruba in 1951 and in his 20s moved to the United States. As a drummer and a backing vocalist, he worked with The Drifters, Tom Jones, Billy Ocean, José Feliciano and the Platters