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Oscar D'León Tour Dates

Oscar Emilio León Somoza, better known as Oscar D'León is a Venezuelan musician who became internationally famous for his salsa music. In Spanish, he is known as El Diablo de la Salsa, El Sonero del Mundo and el Faraón de la salsa. His most famous song is perhaps "Llorarás," which he recorded in

Oswaldo Montenegro Tour Dates

Oswaldo Viveiros Montenegro is a Brazilian musician. In addition to being a singer, Montenegro has composed soundtracks for plays, ballets, film and television and were married to actress Paloma Duarte. It has one of the stronger partnerships MPB beside Madalena Salles, accompanying with their flute

Osheaga Tour Dates

Osheaga 2016: 29-31 juillet 2016 / July 29-31, 2016

Oskar Linnros Tour Dates

Hans Oskar "Kihlen" Linnros is a Swedish musician. He was part of the alternative hip hop band Snook alongside Daniel Adams-Ray, before going solo and releasing his solo studio debut album Vilja bli that reached #2 in the Swedish Albums Chart. The track "Från och med Du" from the album reached the

Ostfunk Tour Dates

?????OSTFUNK |Fanpage

Os Mutantes Tour Dates

Os Mutantes, are an influential Brazilian psychedelic rock band that were linked with the Tropicália movement of the late 1960s. Although the original line-up made the most notorious breakthrough for the group, it has gone through numerous personnel changes throughout its existence. After a hiatus

Osaka Popstar Tour Dates

Osaka Popstar is a punk rock supergroup formed in 2006 by New Yorker John Cafiero. In 2006, Cafiero teamed up with several well known punk rock artists to create the anime based punk group, Osaka Popstar. They released their debut album/DVD on May 23, 2006. Their lyrics consist of topics such as cha

Oscar Palavecino Tour Dates

Oscar Esperanza Palavecino is an Argentine folklore singer, also known as El Chaqueño Palavecino.

Os Serranos Tour Dates

Os Serranos is a Latin Grammy nominated group.

Osunlade Tour Dates

Osunlade is an American-born musician and music producer.

Oslo Hackney Tour Dates


Oslo Spektrum Arena Tour Dates

Oslo Spektrum er en av Norges største innendørs konsertarenaer med uslåelig sentral beliggenhet midt i Oslo sentrum. Arenaen har stor grad av fleksibilitet og kan tilpasses flere ulike typer

Óscar Chávez Tour Dates

Óscar Chávez is a Mexican singer, songwriter and actor. He was the main exponent of the Nueva Trova in Mexico in the sixties and seventies. He studied theatre at the UNAM and has produced and acted in several plays and movies and telenovelas in Mexico. He has achieved international fame performing

Oscar Zia Tour Dates

Oscar Zia is a Swedish of Italian origin.

Ostava Tour Dates

Ostava are an alternative rock band from Bulgaria. They formed in 1991, but it was not until 2000 that they released a long-playing record.

Oslo World Music Festival Tour Dates

This is the facebook page for everyone interested in good music from all over the world! Visit for more info about our annual music festival.

Oslo Gospel Choir Tour Dates

Oslo Gospel Choir is a Norwegian gospel choir centred in Oslo, Norway conducted by Tore W. Aas. The choir started up in 1988 and has since then become one of the most successful in Europe with success both in Europe and America. They have released around 20 albums. They are very much influenced by t

Osvajači Tour Dates

Osvajači were a Serbian and former Yugoslav hard rock/heavy metal band from Kragujevac. Osvajači were originally formed in 1990. They recorded two studio albums, Krv i led and Sam, and disbanded in 1997. In 1998, former Osvajači vocalist Zvonko Pantović "Čipi" and keyboardist Nebojša Jakovljev

Osvaldo Pugliese Tour Dates

Osvaldo Pedro Pugliese was an Argentine tango musician. He developed dramatic arrangements that retained strong elements of the walking beat of salon tango but also heralded the development of concert-style tango music. Some of his music, mostly since the 50s, is used for theatrical dance performanc

Os Travessos Tour Dates

Os Travessos is a group of pagode created in the city of São Paulo by the members Rodriguinho, Fabinho, Rodrigão, Chorão, and Edimilson Salvino in the year of 1992.

Osibisa Tour Dates

Osibisa is a Ghanaian Afro-pop band, founded in London in 1969 by four expatriate African and three Caribbean musicians. Osibisa were one of the first African heritage bands to become widely popular and linked with the world music description.

Osvaldo Civile Tour Dates

Osvaldo Civile fue un guitarrista de rock y heavy metal de Argentina. Integró la banda V8 y fundó Horcas; es uno de los guitarristas más destacados del metal en Argentina.

Os Cariocas Tour Dates

Os Cariocas are a Brazilian popular music band. The band was first founded in 1942 by Ismael Neto, and continues to perform today.

Oslo Pride Tour Dates

Oslo Pride - 2015: From June 19th until june 28th. Oslo Pride - 2014: The host of EuroPride2014.

Óscar Herrero Tour Dates

Oscar Herrero is a Flamenco guitarist from Spain. He was born in Tomelloso on 12 March 1959. Oscar Herrero has authored several flamenco guitar teaching DVDs and diadactic text books. Among them: Text books ⁕Tratado de la Guitarra Flamenca Vol. 1 - Techniques ⁕Tratado de la Guitarra Flamenca Vol

Oscar Alemán Tour Dates

Oscar Marcelo Alemán was an Argentine jazz guitarist. He was a singer, dancer, entertainer, and guitarist. Aleman was born in Machagai, Chaco Province in Northern Argentina on February 20, 1909. He was the fourth child of seven born to pianist Malcela Pereira, and Jorge Alemán Moreira, who played

Oslo Architecture Triennale Tour Dates

The Nordic region's biggest architecture festival.

Ostpol Tour Dates

... und Abends zum Ostpol - das SB-Lokal auf Weltniveau mit regem Kulturbetrieb. 1968 projektiert - 2008 eröffnet.

Osanna Tour Dates

Osanna are an Italian psychedelic rock/progressive rock band.

OSU Urban Arts Space Tour Dates

Located in the heart of downtown Columbus, the OSU Urban Arts Space joins the university with the state of Ohio and the world, functioning as an arts labor

Ossifar Tour Dates

Ossifar va ser un grup de música pop mallorquí, molt popular a mitjans anys 90 gràcies a unes lletres de to irònic i una música festiva. Amb una base pop, hi mesclaven rock, bolero o techno. Així mateix, els cantants no paraven d'imitar accents, fer veuotes, o de mesclar mallorquí i castellà

Osaka Monaurail Tour Dates

Osaka Monaurail is a funk music band, formed in Osaka, Japan. It has been active since 1992. The group is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Ostatni w Raju Tour Dates

Polski Rock | rock n' drunk in roll kontakt: +48 660 237 599

Osman Hadžić Tour Dates

Osman Hadžić is a Bosnian folk singer.

Oslo Kaffebar Tour Dates

Oslo Kaffebar, the best espresso and drip coffee near Nordbahnhof. We also have vinyl records and coffee equipment for sale.

Oschino Tour Dates

Oschino Vasquez is an American rapper, from West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Oschino was one half of the duo Oschino & Sparks.

Ostbahnhof Bielefeld Tour Dates

Der Club im Ostbahnhof

Osteria Di Montereale Tour Dates

Ristorante, Sala da Ballo e Pizzeria. Il locale per divertirsi, per feste, ritrovi. L'unico locale dove si cena e poi si balla. Cucina romagnola

Osmo Ikonen Tour Dates

Osmo Ikonen on suomalainen laulaja, lauluntekijä ja multi-instrumentalisti. Hän on julkaissut kaksi albumia sekä soittanut useissa kokoonpanoissa. Ikonen aloitti sellon soittamisen kuusivuotiaana, mutta kiinnostui myöhemmin basson- ja pianonsoitosta. Hän opiskeli Kaustisen musiikkilukiossa ja m

Oscar Dronjak Tour Dates

Oscar Fredrick Dronjak is the rhythm and lead guitarist and founder of the Heavy Metal band HammerFall. Prior to the success of HammerFall, he also played and released albums with the death metal acts Ceremonial Oath and Crystal Age. Dronjak was born in the Swedish town of Mölndal to a Serbian fath

Oskorri Tour Dates

Oskorri is a folk band formed in the Basque Country in 1971. It is one of the most renowned folk groups in the Basque Country, with songs such as Euskal Herrian Euskaraz becoming popular in the region. Their first album was based on Gabriel Aresti poems.

Ostrava v plamenech Tour Dates

1.8.2015 Dolních oblast Vítkovice bude tentokrát hostit špi?ky rocku STRATOVARIUS, PRETTY MAIDS, FREEDOM CALL, ORPHANED LAND, MYRATH a CITRON!

Osvaldo Fresedo Tour Dates

Osvaldo Fresedo, nicknamed El pibe de La Paternal was an Argentine songwriter and director of a tango orchestra. He had the longest recording career in tango, from 1925 to 1980.

Oslo Records Tour Dates

Norwegian record label

Ostra Ziele? - M?odzi Zieloni Tour Dates

Celem Ostrej Zieleni jest promowanie takich warto?ci jak prawa cz?owieka, zrównowa?ony rozwój, demokracja, ekologia, tolerancja, integracja europejska.

Osteo Yoga Montreal Tour Dates

Experience what happens when you combine the therapeutic power of Osteopathy, with the ancient Wisdom of Yoga.

Os Originais do Samba Tour Dates

Os Originais do Samba é um grupo brasileiro de samba formado na década de 1960 no Rio de Janeiro por ritmistas de escolas de samba.

Ossie Davis Tour Dates

Ossie Davis was an Emmy Award and Grammy Award-winning, American film, television and Broadway actor, director, poet, playwright, author, and social activist.

Ostravská muzejní noc Tour Dates

Ostravská muzejní noc

Oslos Rauseste Marked Tour Dates

Våren 2015 ønsker vi deg velkommen til Oslos Rauseste Marked vol 2. Enten som raus bidragsyter eller publikum.

Osvaldo Golijov Tour Dates

Osvaldo Noé Golijov is an Argentine composer of classical music.

Oscar Benton Tour Dates

Oscar Benton is a Dutch vocalist. He is also the founder of the Oscar Benton Blues Band in 1967. The band rose to fame in 1968 by being a runner up in the Jazz Festival, Loosdrecht, the Netherlands.