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UAE Philharmonic Orchestra Tour Dates

The Dubai Philharmonic Orchestra was founded by Philipp Maier — who became its first Conductor and Artistic Director — to fulfill need for an orchestra within the United Arab Emirates. It performs in the city of Dubai. In 2007, the orchestra was renamed the UAE Philharmonic Orchestra due to its

Uan Rasey Tour Dates

Uan Rasey was an American musician, best known for his studio work as a trumpet player. He was first trumpet of the MGM film studios orchestra from 1949 until the early 1970s, and performed on the soundtracks of many motion pictures. As a teacher, Rasey had a reputation as one of the most exacting a

Uakti Tour Dates

Uakti is a Brazilian instrumental musical group that is composed of Marco Antônio Guimarães, Artur Andrés Ribeiro, Paulo Sérgio Santos, and Décio Ramos. Uakti is known for using custom-made instruments, built by the group itself.

UA Tour Dates

Kaori Hasegawa, simply known by the stage name UA, is a Japanese singer-songwriter. She debuted under Speedstar Records in 1995 with the single "Horizon".