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Xavier Naidoo Tour Dates

Xavier Kurt Naidoo (born October 2, 1971) is a German Soul and R & B singer/songwriter, record producer and occasional actor. Born and raised in Mannheim, Naidoo worked in several jobs in the gastronomy and the musical industry before relocating to the United States in the early 1990s, where he rele

Xavier Rudd - Official Tour Dates

Xavier Rudd is one of Australia's most iconic voices. A multi-instrumentalist, surfer & activist, Xavier's ability to connect with people is astounding.

Xavier Rudd Tour Dates

Xavier Rudd is an Australian singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He is well known on the music festival circuit for playing at musical festivals and concerts in Australia, North America and throughout Europe. His fan base is particularly strong in Australia and in Canada, where he has reco

Xatar Tour Dates

Xatar is a German rapper of Kurdish origin, though he is currently settled in Bonn. His stage name „Xatar“ is taken from the Kurdish language and means danger.

Xandria Tour Dates

Xandria is a German symphonic metal band, founded by Marco Heubaum in 1994. The band's music combines elements of symphonic metal with light electronic elements. After various demos and great success on different MP3 portals, they released their first album in 2003, entitled Kill the Sun, which reac

Xasthur Tour Dates

Xasthur was an American black metal project that was founded by and consisted of Scott Conner, who goes by the pseudonym "Malefic". Although similar in terms of low-fi production and the wearing of corpse paint, musically and lyrically Xasthur's focus is usually not on paganism, Satanism or anti-Chr

Xaviera Hollander Tour Dates

Xaviera Hollander is a former call girl, madam, and memoirist. She is best known for her best-selling memoir The Happy Hooker: My Own Story.

Xavier Caféïne Tour Dates

Xavier Caféïne is a French-Canadian rock singer and musician from the province of Québec. He is a former member of the band Caféïne. In August 2006, he released his first album as a solo artist. He played most of the instruments on his album but received helped from Michel Langevin on the drum

Xangai Tour Dates

Xangai is a 2003 Latin Grammy nominee for the album Cantoria Brasileira, nominated as Best Brazilian Roots/Regional Album.

Xavier Baumaxa Tour Dates

Xavier Baumaxa, vlastním jménem Lubomír Tichý je litvínovský písničkář a kytarista. V dětství se v lidové škole umění učil na kytaru, ve čtrnácti letech založil svou první kapelu – Prach. Vystudoval pedagogiku s aprobací na češtinu a angličtinu. Než se vydal na sólovou d

Xavier Cugat Tour Dates

Xavier Cugat was a Spanish-American bandleader who spent his formative years in Havana, Cuba. A trained violinist and arranger, he was a personality in the spread of Latin music in United States popular music. He was also a cartoonist. In New York, his was the leader of the resident orchestra at the

Xander de Buisonjé Tour Dates

Alexander Serge de Buisonjé known as Xander de Buisonjé is a Dutch singer singing in Dutch, but at times in English. He is also a TV presenter famous for presenting Vrienden van Amstel LIVE! and Vrienden van Amstel zingen Kroonjuwelen a similar format but singing songs of kroonjuweel songs. He als

Xanopticon Tour Dates

Ryan Friedrich, better known by his moniker Xanopticon, is an electronic musician. One of breakcore's most prominent producers, he has toured internationally and released music with several electronic labels including Hymen Records, Mirex, Cock Rock Disco, Entity and Tigerbeat6. His live shows are o

Xan Tyler Tour Dates

Xan Tyler is a female British singer. Born and raised in South London, Xan began her singing career in 1991. After working with numerous bands and as session singer, she signed to Alan McGee's Creation Records as one half of synth pop duo Technique. In 1999 Xan and Kate Holmes collaborated with Mad

Xanadu Tour Dates

Xanadu war eine vierköpfige deutsche Popgruppe, die zwischen 1989 und 1992 mehrere Singles veröffentlicht hat. Die Band wurde durch ihre zweifache Teilnahme an der deutschen Vorentscheidung zum Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson bekannt. 1989 belegte sie mit dem Titel Einen Traum für diese Welt

Xavier Serbiá Tour Dates

Xavier Serbiá, is a former member of the boy band Menudo who is now a financial commentator, syndicated columnist and personality.

Xavier Marquis Tour Dates

Xavier Marquis Davis, better known by his stage name Xavier Marquis is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Xavier Desandre Navarre Tour Dates

Xavier Desandre Navarre, a.k.a XDN, is a French jazz musician, percussionist and drummer.

Xabi Aburruzaga Tour Dates

Xabi Aburruzaga is a Basque musician and composer. A master of the trikitixa, the diatonic accordion.

Xavier Montsalvatge Tour Dates

Xavier Montsalvatge i Bassols was a Spanish Catalan composer and music critic. He was one of the most influential music figures in Catalan music during the latter half of the 20th century.

Xabier Lete Tour Dates

Xabier Lete Bergaretxe was a Basque writer, poet, singer and politician. He started to write from an early age and his publication of articles in the magazine "Zeruko Argiak" became quite usual. In 1965 he created a band of Basque Music with Mikel Laboa, Benito Lertxundi, Jotxean Artze, Jose Angel I

Xavier University Music Series Tour Dates

One of the longest running and most prestigious music series in the United States featuring classical piano, classical guitar and swing.

Xandra Hag Tour Dates

Xandra Hag ist eine deutsche Sängerin.

Xalapa Symphony Orchestra Tour Dates

The Xalapa Symphony Orchestra is a Mexican orchestra locates in the Xalapa, the capital city of the state of Veracruz. It was founded in 1929, and is considered the oldest orchestra in Mexico.

Xara & Criminal Tour Dates

Xara & Criminal are electronic music artists, who have recently had their track "5000kw" signed to the Deeper Substance record label. The Edison remix of "5000kw" was played by Pete Tong on Radio 1's Essential Selection on 30 June 2006, as recommended by Jono from Above and Beyond, who was part of t

Xavier Atencio Tour Dates

Francis Xavier Atencio, also known as X Atencio, is a former animator and Imagineer for The Walt Disney Company. He was born in Walsenburg, Colorado. He was a Disney artist from 1938 until 1965, when he became an Imagineer to help design the Disneyland Railroad's Primeval World diorama segment. He t

Xalam Tour Dates

Xalam is the name of a Senegalese musical group founded in 1969 founded by a group of friends. The band was originally called African Khalam Orchestra. The band takes its name from the lute-like instrument the xalam. Xalam performed a mix of contemporary jazz tunes as well as African originals, usua

Xavier Maly Tour Dates

Xavier Maly is a film actor.

Xandee Tour Dates

Xandee is a stage name of Sandy Boets, Flemish singer who represented Belgium at the Eurovision Song Contest 2004. At the age of 16 she founded the pop duo Touch of Joy with Serge Quisquater. Sergio and his band Sergio & The Ladies represented Belgium in ESC 2002 with the song "Sister". At the Eurov

Xavier Moyano Tour Dates

South American guitarist Xavier Moyano is an Argentine musician, producer, performer, composer, recording and editing audio & video, and teacher. He began his career as a session guitarist in Tucumán in 1999 and by 2003 was the guitarist for rock/pop band AVe Cesar until 2008, after which he became

Xavier Gold Tour Dates

Xaviera Gold is a female African American dance music singer who is a former DJ and mixer on Chicago's WBMX-FM. She hit in 1987 with Ralphi Rosario on the song "You Used To Hold Me" under the name Xavier Gold. With Masters At Work she went to #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1993 with "G

Xaver Fischer Tour Dates

Xaver Fischer ist ein deutscher Keyboarder und Jazzmusiker.

Xavier Ortiz Tour Dates

Xavier Ortiz Ramirez is a Mexican actor, singer, model, producer, TV host, Dentist/surgeon and entrepreneur, owner of bar-restaurant la santa bar in Guadalajara, Mexico. former member of the musical group Garibaldi. On April 17, 1999 he married a also ex member of the group Garibaldi, which lasted 1

Xantoo Tour Dates

Xantoo war ein deutsches Popduo. Es wurde Ende 2006 aus der Sängerin Gracia Baur und dem Sänger Marvin Broadie gebildet. Ein Jahr nach der Aufnahme des letzten Albums von Gracia Baur, das sich Ende 2005 nur mäßig verkauft hatte, wurde ihr zur Belebung ihrer Karriere der Soulsänger Marvin Broadi

Xaver Scharwenka Tour Dates

Franz Xaver Scharwenka was a German pianist, composer and teacher. He was the brother of Philipp Scharwenka, who was also a composer and teacher of music.

Xanders Townsend Tour Dates

-Joins Pia Fajelagutan, RJ Andrews and Joel Foley in childhood to present band, Metalingus. Currently the vocalist of this North Carolinian band. Under the influence of local neighbor, Jeff Nero Hardy of Peroxwhy?gen.Previous bands to mention: Burned, Shattered Tears, zOM, and Accepted.