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Xerath Tour Dates

Xerath are an extreme metal band from the UK. The band formed in 2007, and they have been recognized from 2009 with the release of their debut album 'I' via Candlelight Records. Containing elements of progressive, death, thrash and symphonic metal, Xerath's music is characterized by the mix of polyr

Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival Tour Dates

Official Facebook page of the Xerox Rochester International Jazz Festival, 14th Edition - June 21-27, 2015

Xentrix Tour Dates

Xentrix are a British thrash metal band of the 1980s hailing from Preston, Lancashire. Xentrix were one of the leading lights of the British Thrash movement. They had music videos for their cover of Ray Parker, Jr's Ghostbusters, For Whose Advantage and for their track The Order of Chaos which had r

Xenomorph Tour Dates

Xenomorph is a Dutch death metal band formed in 1994 in Leiden, the Netherlands. The band is named after xenomorphs, fictional creatures made by the Swiss artist H.R. Giger and used by the English filmmaker Sir Ridley Scott in Alien. Xenomorph made a successful debut album, Baneful Stealth Desire, w

Xero Entertainment. Tour Dates

Your main destination for Entertainment- news, pop culture, music, fashion, events, and our own line of concerts. Dig in. est. in New Orleans.

Xenocracy Tour Dates

The Swiss Neurofunk label

Xenia Seeberg Tour Dates

Xenia Seeberg is a German film and television actress. She is perhaps best known for her role as Xev Bellringer in the science fiction television series Lexx. She also debuted as a singer in 1996 on the EMI Electrola label with her maxi single "Heartbeat". Several of her songs including "Heartbeat"

Xenomania Tour Dates

Xenomania is a British songwriting and production team founded by Brian Higgins and based in Kent, England. Formed after Higgins met Miranda Cooper, Xenomania has written and produced for renowned artists such as Cher, Kylie Minogue, Dannii Minogue, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Pet Shop Boys, The Saturdays

Xe-NONE Tour Dates

Xe-NONE are a Russian Dance Metal band from Kirov. They emerged in mid-2004 when Lexy Dance and Newman worked on the crossing of a modern metal and electronic dance sound, with influences of such acts as Cradle of Filth, Scooter, Fear Factory and 2 Unlimited.

Xenakis Ensemble Tour Dates

The Xenakis Ensemble is a Dutch ensemble dedicated to the performance of contemporary classical music. Based in Middelburg, it is known as one of the few ensembles specializing in the works of the composer Iannis Xenakis. It is frequently conducted by Diego Masson, who conducted the performances of

Xera Tour Dates

Xera is an Asturian band from San Andrés, in the municipality of Oviedo. Born as the consequence of the combination of high sound engineering with symphonic musical concepts based in Asturian traditional music. The basis of their sound is rooted in contrast all the time. This way, they achieve an a