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DOCTOR KRÁPULA is a Latin alternative rock band, a band that carries a transformation message and an act of consciousness through their hybrid popular music. The band was born in 1998 in Bogotá Colombia with 5 musicians. In their 10 year career and 4 albums the members of Doctor Krápula have made themselves a part of the conscious artistic movement in Latin America. A powerful live set has been able to impact the heart and minds of over one million people in over 500 live presentations. The devotion and support from their fans have made possible 10 Shock Music Awards, 4 Nuestra Tierra awards, 3 Nominations in LVMAs (latin MTV Awards), 1 nomination to 40 Principales Awards in Spain, in addition to several good critics from different media thanks to their music and actions. Doctor Krapula’s music is been made to dance to, to reflect upon and has been able to burst into different audiences without ever compromising its revolutionary lyrical essence. DOCTOR KRÁPULA… music for the planet.

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Doctor Krapula Concerts 2021


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