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Fighting Gravity was a music group based out of Richmond, Virginia. Originally a ska band called Boy O Boy, Fighting Gravity has incorporated a variety of music into their style, including reggae, rock, and pop. Fighting Gravity was formed while its original members were attending Virginia Tech. Originally, the band consisted of guitarist David "Tree" Triano, bassist/vocalist David Peterson, keyboardist Eric Lawson, trumpeter Jim Pennington, trombonist Chris Leitch, and drummer Mike Boyd. In 1995, Pennington departed and was replaced by saxophonist Karl von Klein. In 1996, Chris Leitch departed and was replaced by trombonist/percussionist John Utley. In 1997, Karl von Klein departed, replaced by saxophonist Mike Ghegan. In 1999, Ghegan departed, replaced by trombonist/turntablist Stefan Demetriadis. Guitarist Michael Sauri replaced a departed Triano in 2000. In 2001, a rotation of horns brought saxophonist Kevin Tyser into the section. The horns were phased out in 2003-2004. Other former members include guitarists Philippe Herndon, Sinakone Phrakhansa and Rich Stine. As of 2007, the band has three core members: Schiavone McGee, David Peterson and Mike Boyd. In the late 1990s, Fighting Gravity was the subject of a five page article in Rolling Stone magazine by senior editor David Wild as part of the summer college issue.

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