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The LEL Brothas is an American Hip hop group from Prescott Valley, Arizona. Founded by DJ Clone, this group also includes member LBC and hype man CB5. Some expect The LEL Brothas to become major players in the Hip hop/music industry. This group not only present music but a unique movement. The LEL Brothas have rapidly gained internet exposure by bringing not only music, but an entire movement to the industry. From early success with the "Fresh out the Root" album in early 2007 to "The Epidemic" in early 2010, the LEL Brothas have shown versatility with their music. In late 2011, the LEL Brothas made history by being the first Hip Hop group to ever perform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a closed country that usually does not allow public concerts of non-Saudi music. The meaning of the acronym "LEL" is the key focus of the press and fans alike, sparked by the fact that it has yet to be disclosed by the group. In the 2011 album "The Epidemic," LBC references LEL by saying "Quit asking what LEL means, it drives me insane/if I told you the secret, it would blow out your brain." Although the true meaning has not been released, DJ Clone often teases the media and fans by stating "Come to a show and find out!"

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