The World/Inferno Friendship Society
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The World/Inferno Friendship Society is a band from Brooklyn, New York. Its style merges punk, soul, klezmer and jazz, while its collective membership features horns, piano and guitar. The ensemble has over 30 members, including a former member of Dexys Midnight Runners. About seven to ten members usually perform at a time. The group is led by singer Jack Terricloth, who has been the only constant member during the group's history. Terricloth is known for his pointed commentary during shows; his monologues have touched on politics and his transformation from the "old school". Its lyrics often concern historical or biographical subjects, such as Weimar-era Germany, Peter Lorre, Jeffrey Lee Pierce of The Gun Club, Paul Robeson, Leni Riefenstahl, Dante Alighieri, Philip K. Dick, and Jonathan Fire*Eater. Other songs deal with many aspects of life. One composition is a three-song cycle about love and loss in a temporary autonomous zone, which appears on the 2002 album Just the Best Party. The lyric pattern and subject matter of the song cycle are similar to The Wild Party.

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