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Werrason, real name Noël Ngiama Makanda born December 25, 1965 in Moliombo, a small village in Northern Democratic Republic of Congo in Kikwit, Kwilu District is a musician from the Democratic Republic of Congo and also leader of the band Wenge Maison Mère. By age 8, Werrason was singing at his local church, the Protestant Church of Cebezo, Kinshasa. He loved martial arts and was a martial arts champion by age of 12. In 1981 in between his studies Werrason, and his college friends Didier Masela, Adolphe Dominguez, J.B Mpiana, Blaise Bula among others created an innovative musical band “Wenge Musica 4X4 Tout Terrain Bon Chic Bon Genre”.

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