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Yuko Oshima is a member of Japanese idol group AKB48 and the captain of Team K. She is also the member of a subunit of the group, Not yet. She has been a contributing member for all of AKB48's singles since "Aitakatta" in October 2006, excluding Janken Tournament singles. In 2009, she was voted second popular and lost to Atsuko Maeda. In 2010, she was voted the most popular member of the group, in a poll for which members fans want to appear on the group's single "Heavy Rotation". However during the 2011 3rd senbatsu election, she lost first place to Atsuko Maeda once again having dropped to second place. During the 2012 fourth senbatsu election, she placed first with 108,837 votes and became the new center of AKB48. During the 2013 fifth senbatsu election, she was voted second popular with 136,503 votes and lost to Sashihara Rino with 150,570 votes.

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