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The Yuppie Pricks are a five-piece punk rock band from Austin, Texas. They "deal in reverse psychology punk by ironically celebrating the materialist excesses of the upwardly mobile in songs like 'Greed Is Good', 'Fraternity Days', and 'Fuck You, I’m Rich', which are tinged with old school UK punk, Black Flag and Dead Kennedys touches." Alternately described as "raucous, straight-ahead punk" and "American Psycho hardcore with a wicked sense of humor" the Yuppie Pricks are frequently lauded for their live performances, where they've been known to "wear John McEnroe-era tennis gear and denounce the 'service industry scum' who come to their shows." And "while their music has much in common with the Buzzcocks and the Sex Pistols, their backgrounds and lyrics do not... they see their shows as punk PowerPoint presentations, though few sales meetings are as raunchy and cruel as YP shows, where the wretched losers who come to see them are peppered with abuse, lectured on the wonders of laissez-faire capitalism and showered with dollar bills." Notably, director John Waters cited the Yuppie Pricks song 'Coke Party' in a Variety interview as one of "five songs that mean a lot to me."

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